Ever since Vatel Bordeaux’s creation, I have sought to uphold what I consider to be essential values in education – rigor, excellence, ambition, consideration for individuals and respect – with our students, teachers, and the professionals who work with us. Having welcomed French-speaking students from many countries to Vatel for several years, we decided to open our Hospitality and Wine & Spirits Management courses to English-speaking students three years ago. With an unshakeable belief in the importance of constant innovation and gauging our performance against the best-in-class in global Hospitality education, we participate in international competitions on a regular basis. We derive endless pleasure from welcoming future professionals to Bordeaux.

Régis Glorieux, Founder of Vatel Bordeaux


Campuses worldwide
More than 60 student nationalities
Internship offers per student
280 French partners working with the campus every year
150 foreign partners hosting our students in more than 30 countries
% of our bachelor graduates are recruited within 6 months
76% of our MBA graduate students are recruited within 6 months
80% are employed in the hotel and tourist management fields
20% are employed in other fields, especially luxury brand management


The Hospitality and Tourism High School in the Loire Valley visits Vatel Bordeaux.
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The Hospitality and Tourism High School in the Loire Valley visits Vatel Bordeaux.

Students doing a hospitality and tourism two-year vocational degree, who will soon be graduating, decided to go to Bordeaux for their annual school trip. What kind of jobs can you get with a vocational degree in hospitality? Is my level high enough to continue my studies with an MBA? What do different schools expect from [...]

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Vatel Bordeaux hosted the L’Étiquette - Blind Tasting Inter-School Wine Tasting Challenge
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Vatel Bordeaux partners with Kedge for the second L’Étiquette competition

On March 11, Vatel Bordeaux hosted the L’Étiquette - Blind Tasting Inter-School Wine Tasting Challenge created by Kedge in 2016.   Six teams of four students from the Kedge, the ESVV (School of wines and wine sciences), the EM Lyon and Vatel Bordeaux met to defend their schools’ colors. In front of a jury made [...]

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Workshop with Dilmah tea
“Dusting off Granny’s tea” with Dilmah Tea

A few words about the interesting presentation that Catherine Nicolas, a specialist in tea tasting and educational methods, gave us. The samovars are plugged in and an unusual odor of plants and fruit is penetrating the tasting room; quite a surprise for first year MBA students who are beginning their discovery workshop with the famous [...]

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Emeric Authier
2006 graduating class, Director of Restaurant Services –
Sofitel Paris

”My graduating class was wonderful. The atmosphere within the school and the teaching staff made these years the best of my student life. I’m still in contact with friends from my class and now I’m the one offering internships for the school’s students. Today, I’m proud to say that I studied at Vatel Bordeaux.”

Matthias Cadet
2008 graduating class, founder of “Max à table!” –
Connected fast food services.

”Vatel really opened up my mind and helped me mature professionally. I worked in a variety of restaurants (luxury, brasserie-type, semi-gourmet and fast food in a wide range of posts: as a waiter and head waiter, assistant restaurant manager, operational management auditor and strategic management auditor) in several countries (France, Ireland, Malta, Réunion, London, New Zealand, etc.). Combining theory and practice allows students to acquire strong human and social skills by meeting lots of professionals in the sector.”