International Student Support


The Vatel Bordeaux Student Affairs Department will help you complete your administrative formalities before, during and after your arrival.
We will do everything in our power to make your stay with us as rewarding as possible and to make you feel like Vatel is your home away from home.


List of documents required

You will be asked to provide the following documents during your different administrative procedures.

Please note: Some of these documents may take a long time to obtain.

You MUST have:

Your previous diplomas (original documents)

Vaccination certificate (personal health record)

Marriage certificate (if you are married)

Identity photographs (at least 5)

Birth certificate or extract from the register of births, translated into French by a sworn translator, and dated within the last three months

Your passport or official identity card

Approximate budget

Social security coverage for non-EU citizens: €217 /year

Supplementary or top-up health insurance: €5 to €30/ month

Monthly rent: €250 to €500

Security deposit: equivalent to one month’s rent

Residential insurance: €5 to €10/month

Food: approximately €250/month

Transport (bus and tram card for under-28s): €230/year

Fiscal stamp for visa: €80

Applying for a visa

You need to allow a minimum of three weeks to obtain any visa (varies according to nationality and reason for the visit).
You will also be required to pay a fee of €80 in electronic stamps or fiscal stamps.
Electronic stamps can be purchased from the website.

International students possessing a visa must contact the Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration (OFII) to arrange for a medical examination and to have their visa approved as a residence permit.
The Student Affairs Department will help you complete the OFII residency certificate application.

Finding accommodation

Before your arrival, the Student Affairs Department will help you find accommodation in student halls of residence in the city or in private homes. It will also help you with the administrative formalities associated with applying for the housing allowance paid by the French Family Allowance Fund (Caisse des allocations familiales – CAF). The amount of this allowance varies according to the type of accommodation (university residence, rental, joint tenancy, etc.), the amount of the rent and the student’s resources.

Medical coverage

We will help join the French student social security scheme, and will guide you through the formalities required to obtain 100% coverage:

Declaring your primary physician (médecin traitant)

Applying for a Carte VITALE (health insurance card)

Obtaining a top-up insurance policy if you wish to supplement your basic coverage