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Coming from South Korea, Lucia Song is at the head of her class in our 2016-2017 MBA Wine & Spirits.   She fell in love with the city of Bordeaux. Here is why.

Named Seung Huyn, she uses her English name, Lucia. Lucia comes from a small city near Seoul (South Korea)
After studying in Korea, she went to Sydney and Tokyo. Finally, she explored Wine and Spirits in Vatel Bordeaux.
And the city. With delectation. Here are the main reasons.

Bordeaux is “less expensive” than Sydney and Tokyo

Bordeaux public transportation is “cheap and easy to get” says Lucia, with pleasure.

This Seoul native lived in Sydney and Tokyo in the past year. Bus prices vary according to the distance travelled in Sydney. They cost between 2,60€ and 5,60€
In Tokyo, bus tickets range from 1,21€ to 1,89€.

In Bordeaux, ticket prices range from 1,5€ to 1,6€.
They also include subway access.

The capital of the Gironde region has another advantage over its rivals:
being less overpopulated.

Bordeaux’s transport network “less overcrowded” than other metropolitan cities

Lucia Song enjoys the world capital of wine‘s public transports.
She adores its tranquility and spaces.
It’s obvious compared with the Tokyo subway, the busiest one in the world.
Every year, 3.3 billion commuters  use it !

Greater Toyko had  37.8 million inhabitants in 2016
Greater Sydney had 4,823 million inhabitants in 2016.
Bordeaux Metropole had only 761,000 inhabitants in 2014.

The city of Alain Juppé represents a cocoon for this South Korean national.

Lucia Song feels at home in Bordeaux

Lucia needs water for her quality of life. She lived on the banks of the Tasman sea in Sydney.
This Vatel Bordeaux graduate also experienced the Han River in Seoul.

Miss Song really appreciates the Garonne. Its estuary surrounds Bordeaux.
“It makes me feel like I am staying in a familiar place” explains Lucia

Her biggest love seems to be the canelés. This is a speciality from Bordeaux
Its cake combines egg yolks, associated with vanilla and rum perfumes.
“It tastes as good as the origin!” claims Lucia, very excited.

This delightful city helps Lucia to express her artistic and creative gifts.
She deeply hopes to remain in France and work in Wine & Spirits.
She’s keeping her fingers crossed, hoping her visa will be approved.

A French proverb says: “You must crack the nut to get the pulp” (in French:  il faut casser la noix pour en avoir la chair).

It means:
You should overcome obstacles step by step to get results.”

Patience, patience……