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In her first year of her bachelor’s degree, Marielle Macias Cervello talks about Vatel Bordeaux, the city of Bordeaux and her place of birth, Oaxaca (Southern Mexico).

Marielle Macias Cervello born in Oaxaca

Why did you choose Vatel and Vatel Bordeaux particularly?

I chose Vatel because they have an international network and the program they have to do practical experience and study at the same time was what really drew me in. I decided to go to Vatel Bordeaux because they offer an international program.

What department did you do your professional experience in?

I have worked in the kitchens, in housekeeping and F&B. I remember that every detail counts. Communication is important to be efficient and work as a team.

What is your favorite course at Vatel Bordeaux and why?

Professional self-image. Anna Moratis teaches us using real life situations and how to deal with them. Also, the knowledge she transmits and the advice she gives us for our professional lives.

How did the Vatel Bordeaux team facilitate your integration in school and in the city when you arrived in France?

Chloe helped me with my O.F.I.I. papers and provided me with the information I needed. Each student who comes out of European Union to study in France must get a long stay student visa. Chloe gave me all the papers for appointments that I then sent off to the French office for immigration and integration. (O.F.I.I.)

 You were born in Oaxaca. Tell us about this city (architecture, monuments, roads, etc.)

The city center is the best place because all the roads are made of stone and our largest church,called Santo Domingo, is there. The important places to visit are the Zócalo, Hierve el Agua, Monte Albán, el Tule, etc. Our architecture is varied it goes from the pre-Hispanic era to the contemporary era.

What do you like in Oaxaca? And in general, in Mexico?

I love a traditional dish from the city and Oaxaca’s state called: enfijoladas con Tasajo. It’s a corn tortilla dipped in a puree of beans. I appreciate also “Rosca de Reyes” round cake that we eat twelve days after Christmas like the Galette des Rois in France. We put a monkey in it. If you get it, you have to bring food.

About Mexico, if you watch the movie “Nosotros Los Nobles” you would have a good idea of my country. This film is a comedy which portrays Mexico nowadays. In Mexico, I like studying Maya monuments and calendars which predict the future, as well as the Spanish conquest. It’s very interesting to consider the events from the past to understand the world today.

What do you like in Bordeaux? And in general, in France?

I like the architecture especially the old facades and buildings and the general atmosphere in Bordeaux. For example, I really love the ‘place de la comedie’ for these reasons. In France, I really admire Catherine de Medicis. She came from Italy, became Queen and Regent of France after Henri IV’s assassination (1610). I admire powerful women.

What are the big differences between Bordeaux and Oaxaca?

Mainly the food. Here in Bordeaux you find a little bit of everything and in Oaxaca you find mostly traditional food of the region. Public transportation and the weather are also different. Mostly is warm weather all year round in Oaxaca.

What does this Mexican Week organized by the Vatel Tables mean for you?

I am touched and proud of it. It highlights Vatel Bordeaux’s international students. I would love to experience other special weeks like an Italian one.

In which division of hospitality do you want to work? What work would you want to do in your professional career?

I would like to work in Human Resources, Marketing or in Events Management.

One more word?

!Que viva México!