Vatel Bordeaux’s partnership with Bordeaux S.O Good

Vatel Bordeaux will participate to the 5th edition of Bordeaux S.O Good (16th-18th november) at the ‘Halles de Bacalan’.

This partnership with Bordeaux S.O Good is reflected through the participation of 5 Vatel Bordeaux international Students:

  • Benoit Aubert
  • Martin Biboulet
  • Ella Deyavorsky
  • Eolia Giacinti
  • Rodolphe Kacbush

This year’s festival will feature ‘Italy’ as a guest of Honor. The festival will be divided in 8 ‘ingredients’ events, each with its own theme, with the common goal of fully experiencing this gastronomical festival and ‘L’art de vivre du Sud-Ouest’:

  • Chef Pierre Gragnaire, Voted World’s best chef by his peers in 2015
  • ‘Italy’ with italian partners, chefs and exhibitors (italian wine, cheese, delicatessen, cars, culture)
  • ‘La grande halle Gourmande’ with kitchen courses and constests
  • ‘La ville en fête’ where every participant share common values of warmth, fellowship, hospitality and quality time
  • For the kids, mini chef contests and animation
  • A Culture Bowl: for example Wine, food, rock session ,and various other events
  • ‘La Nuit des Banquets’: 18 dinner thematics throughout multiple restaurants in Bordeaux
  • ‘Les Chefs’ 125 chefs participating in this event

Vatel Bordeaux will occupy in part H14 stand, proposing a draw lot contest with the possibility to win a ‘Food & Wine perfect pairing’.

‘Les Tables Vatel’ welcomes you to join ‘Le Banquet du Potager’, their interpretation of ‘La Nuit des Banquets’. With a goal of giving a creative twist to traditional ‘terroir’ products in combination with a specific local wine selection. Les Tables Vatel chef Adrien Ferran will lead the evening alongside Francois Doat, sous-chef of ‘Relais & chateau la Bastide’, and Hasnaâ Ferreira chocolatier artisan master. Bringing a variety of vegetables directly from their ’Potager’garden, they will be assisted by a handful of Vatel Bordeaux students helping with this night’s service.

We are looking forward to see you this weekend in this wonderful festival.