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First year bachelor student in International Hotel Management Bianca Maria Amzoiu expresses her passion about her native country : Romania.

As the season France Romania 2019 is in full swing, Vatel Bordeaux put the spotlight on roumanian’s culture. Meet Bianca Maria Amzoiu to know more.

Obviously castle Hunedoara attracts alot of tourism, how has that impacted your vision towards hospitality and tourism industry?

Yes, it is considered the most important tourist attraction of my small county. It’s one of those attractions that makes people interested in Romania. It inspired a worlwide recognized legend, the legend of count Dracula. Consecutavely this made the castle an attraction not only for tourists and aficionados, but also a film shooting location for many filmmakers.

Castle aside, what other wonders is your hometown hunedoara hiding?

There is the forteress of Deva, the second tourist attraction of my hometown.

What is your favourite Romanian expression?

I feel at home every time I hear this: “No’, iti mai pun?” which translates literally to “Do I put/pour more?”. It is related to food, at every family gathering, when every grandmother in Romania insist that we should eat more, and more… and taste everything. And you never get out of there without tasting everything. The “No'” at the start is some very representative for my region, “Ardeal”, which does not means “no” as in English, but more like a non-sense starting phrase which we say every time we get the opportunity, more like someone starting their phrases with a “Hey”/”Yo” in English.

What is your favourite dish?

A dish called Sarmale. It’s basically a cabbage roll of minced meat, potatoes and tomatoes, traditionally served at christmas.

How do you feel about Romania’s Presidency in the EU council starting january 1st 2019 to june 30th 2019? Do You feel European?

I can say that I do feel European. Even though the European Union’s goals have changed throughout time, due to historical context, I believe that this entity is very important, not just to solve the major problems of the citizens, but also to create a better relationship with the leaders of the world, regarding the political sector, meaning they have to cooperate.

I think the values of the EU are taking a good stance, even though I consider that in order to increase awareness of its movements, an official site is not enough, because only people interested in the matter will acquire information. I think that one of the main goals should be educating the population, and that can be made only by entering small parts of several sectors.

I also know that Romania is going to take the Presidency of the EU Council the first trimester in 2019, and I honestly hope this will be a good chance for us to show that among us, we have a lot of intelligent people and that we can run a good mandate. The main point is that even though there are some politicians in the Government/Parliament who are better off with such position, a lot of capable men and women are going to invest in this project regarding Europe.

The potentials of Romania’s tourism made me want to gain experience in the field, as I can travelling to someday come back and bring my knowledge to my hometown. She concludes