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Currently in her 3rd year at Vatel Bordeaux, Sasha Santagati showcases the attractiveness of the city of Bordeaux. Its vibrant bar scene, renowned festivals and its proximity with the ocean makes it a top destination amongst young learners.

Are you currently hesitating when choosing the city for your studies? Don’t, Bordeaux is the place for you. Just find out below how the coastal city earned its intense buzz.

The coastal nature of Bordeaux

Newly-arrived Bordeaux residents appreciate the coastal nature of the city. The best thing about the proximity with the Atlantic is spending nice weekends with family or friends. Sasha particularly likes this type of trips : ‘We can spend nice moments on the beach or have picnics under the sun while playing Mölkky or cards.

We relax and unwind while enjoying the calmness of the ocean. Then we usually buy an oyster platter, a sausage, a few bottles of wine and have a nice snack while admiring the sunset’, explains the Vatel Bordeaux student.

Bordeaux also has neighboring coastal destinations, as inspiring as the city itself: Lacanau, Arcachon, Pyla Dune, Cap Ferret…

Music in Bordeaux: a large selection of festivals

Sasha is a music festival fan, especially the ones in the region, and she seems proud to have seen famous musicians and bands. ‘I was fortunate to see Muse, Chines man, Feder, Orelsan and other musicians’. This was made possible given the various events organised all year long:

  • Garorock takes places in a venue that is a two-hour drive from Bordeaux, features different types of music and attracts mostly fans from the south-west of France
  • FreeMusic is a smaller scale event and is less than 1 hour away from Bordeaux
  • Open Air is an enjoyable festival that attracts a lot of visitors. For instance, 10 000 attended the event last year who came to enjoy a techno groove atmosphere, in a friendly venue: the Public Garden in the heart of Bordeaux.

Trendy bars abound in Bordeaux

Sasha highlights the diversity of the bar scene in Bordeaux, especially on Thursdays where she appreciates an evening out for drinks. All bars are suitable for mingling and making new encounters. Each has its own atmosphere, here are the ones Sasha recommends:

  • Le Levrette café is a basement bar offering a wide range of beers and alcoholic beverages. No less than a 100 of them are available!
  • Le Jamboree, also located in the center, is where you can sip shots and cocktails with friends. You can try the traditional ones or enjoy new ones, with a twist.
  • Darwin boasts a spacious and welcoming interior where you can taste local beers, and where exciting activities await you: beer tasting, exhibitions, artistic workshops, brunches.Sacha also highlights the charm of the docks where you can walk on a sunny day or stroll peacefully after a late night out.
Jamborée Bar ©TripAdvisor

Bordeaux in 3 words? ‘Conviviality, accessibility and authenticity’, according to Sasha.

Article written by Luana SEBAG (M3B class) interning at the Promotion & Communication department at Vatel Bordeaux.