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Studying effectively at home is not always easy, especially in the current COVID-19 global containment context. Here are our tips for getting there and keep in mind: organization, rigor & human connection are the keys.

Let’s discover our survival kit with 5 good practices to study at home while waiting for authorization to organize again classes in our campuses. And like you, we are already looking forward to it.

1. Create a Timetable to keep yourself on track

Organize your day is the first step to recreate an environment conducive to learning. Now that your schedule has been sent out, you know what classes are coming up in the next few days and you can prepare for them in advance by determining when your study day begins, ends and your break times for every day of the week.

2. Dress to differentiate your school life from your private life

No, unfortunately, pyjamas are not allowed, even during periods of confinement.
Remember to dress in Vatel clothes, it will instinctively put you in the right frame of mind to study.

3. Have a Designated Study Area

As we all know, not everyone has the luxury of having a room dedidacted to a home office. Here are our tips for defining your workspace. Choose the brightest corner of your flat and don’t forget to check that you have an electrical outlet located not far in order to plug your laptop. If possible, this space should be exposed to natural daylight so your brain can recognize the time of day and be more productive.

4. Keep distractions to a minimum

Do your best not to be distracted by outside sources of distraction. In particular, we advise you to:

  • Move your mobile phone away from your home office to avoid being tempted.
  • Mute your notifications
  • Remember to walk your dog before class, and don’t forget to bring with you your sworn statement
  • Turn off your television, even if the sound is off, it remains a source of distraction.

5. Keep in touch with your classmates & the teaching team

Student life without classmates and teaching staff would not be the same at all.

So, with your classmates, remember to call each other and create rituals, regular moments to give you some news. For example, you could create a WhatsApp or Facebook group where everyone would post a picture of their cup of coffee or tea every morning to kick off the day. Similarly, a weekly online afterwork to debrief your week could be organized. Be creative while staying at home.

Don’t forget, the Vatel Bordeaux Team is available for you if you have any questions or if you just need to talk. This unique period is complicated and we all are here to help you as best we can.

Finally, share your advices and your picture of your #homeoffice with us on the Facebook page @VatelBordeauxOfficiel  we will share the best ones.

#StayHome #StayPositive

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