What’s on?

Coming from Faaborg (Denmark), Lynn Van Logtestijn is a third year bachelor student at Vatel Bordeaux. She gives us her advices to study at home. Due to the COVID 19, all the courses occur remotely.

Lynn shares with us her tips and the way she organizes her days during the lockdown as Ana Paz Sanchez Aranciba.

Keeping up with studies

It is fairly easy to keep up with your studies, we have access to all the material and the teachers are great at helping us prepare for the final exams. The methods of teaching depend on the teacher, but they have all done a grand effort making the switch as smooth as possible. Of course, learning on distance is not the same as being in class and be with your classmates, but we are getting the best out of this extraordinary situation and helping each other to succeed and push through!

Activities during the day

I usually study in the morning, depending on the planned courses that day. As I am very interested in wine, I am studying regions and appellations daily. I have started a project at home, so I am enhancing my carpentry and painting skills as well! It is great to try something new!

Tips for studying remotely

I believe it is very important to keep a structure during these unusual times, wake up early, set a plan for the day, achieve something. Of course, keep up with the studies, but also see this as a chance to learn something new!

Interaction with teachers

The teachers have been great at adapting to these times! One teacher is organising café meetings (on video conference, of course), another is sending us articles to read and videos to watch. They are all doing an excellent job helping us, both professionally and personally and we are very grateful for that.

Lynn van Logtestijn is fully involved in Vatel Bordeaux student life. She leads and animates with Nicolas Applencourt ‘Tutel’. ‘Tutel’ allows best students from helping others who encounter difficulties in differents topics. 

Lynn Van Logtestijn studying at home