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‘Les Tables Vatel’ is a reputable restaurant in Bordeaux which rose to fame over the recent years, and was reviewed as one of the most noteworthy restaurants in Bordeaux by the famous TV program ‘ Echappées Belles’. Let’s find out more about this restaurant with its Chef Adrien Ferran and its Food & Baverage Director Julien Borreil.

Inaugurated in 2016, ‘Les Tables Vate’l restaurant offers a set of menus reflecting a gourmet, creative and refined cuisine advocating the use of locally grown and seasonal products. The restaurant’s service is faithful to the traditional French way of serving, offering a genuine and enjoyable guest experience.

Les Tables Vatel, a pioneer in urban farming

‘Les Tables Vatel’ is the first restaurant to partner with Kanopée Concept, starting its urban farming adventure in September 2019. The idea behind our urban farm is to grow our own in-season aromatic plants, herbs, greens and vegetables on the building’s 5th-floor terrace, and produce our own fresh and healthy produces, in a farm-to-table spirit. This is an innovative step that adheres to the principles of RS2E (Social responsibility of educational enterprise), a public initiative Vatel Bordeaux has been supporting for many years.

Young students, as soon as they join the restaurant to extend their professional experience, can work as Chef de partie. ‘They can handle tasks such as garnishing main dishes, starters, desserts and are taught the importance of homemade cooking’, explains Adrien Ferran.

Apart from cuisine, they also learn other skills within the restaurant, for instance food production, which consists of overseeing and planning food stocks and supplies. ‘On their first wo days, I conduct induction and show them how things work in this department’, says Adrien Ferran.

The eclectic wine menu acts as a guide to the sommelier profession

Julien Borreil, both Chief Sommelier and Food & Beverage Director, prides himself on an eclectic wine menu with wines selected from the most renowned vineyards in the world. “More than a third of our cellar has organic wine and we also serve vegan wine”, explain Julien. Naturally, this diverse wine selection at offer can help the future sommeliers hone their skills.

Left to right : Chef Adrien Ferran ; Jerome Pitorin one of ‘Echapees Belles’ presenter ; Julien Borreil Food & Baverage Manager.

The dining room : a space encompassing many professions

The Food & Beverage director pushes young individuals to be autonomous in the workplace as long as each is capable of assuming their own tasks. The future managers of the hotel-restaurant sector can thus handle food runners or server assistants tasks as soon as they start their first professional experience in the restaurant situated at 114-115 quai des Chartrons. Throughout their practical experience and internships at Tables Vatel, some students get to work as Head waiters or Dining Room Managers. The work of these young apprentices is overseen by two dining room managers, Didier Pédemay and Thibault Delhaye and a banqueting manager Sabine Martel, and all three of them cater for the daily needs of guests. Didier Pédemay worked previously at Mercure hotel and Thibault Delhaye was a former bartender, he teaches students how to make signature cocktails, one of the major specificities of Tables Vatel. As for Sabine Martel, she is a Vatel graduate.

The Vatel Bordeaux  students get to conduct the following tasks:

  • Lunch service and Sunday brunch
  • Diner service and Sunday brunch
  • Banquet service

They can serve:
– Menu of the day with ‘today’s special’ served for lunch (from noon until 2 P.M, Monday to Friday). Menu changes every two weeks, starting on the Tuesday.
– ‘Exphémère Menu’ served for dinner (from 7.30 P.M until 10 A.M, Wednesday to Saturday). Menu changes every month.

‘Les tables Vatel’ restaurant is an upscale restaurant where young professionals get to broaden their knowledge both in the kitchen and in the dining room, under the supervision of seasoned professionals.

To find out more about Les Tables Vatel, read our article about urban farming practiced within the restaurant.