What’s on?

To help you launch the back-to-school season on the right foot, here is our selection of five French podcasts to follow.

Hospitality podcast: Hospitality Insiders

This podcast self-defines as the top hospitality podcast dedicated to service excellence.
On it, renowned professionals talk about their careers and their experiences. To whet your appetite, here are some examples of the topics it addresses:
– Managing a hotel spa
– The circular economy in the service of luxury
– Emotions
– Making the extra effort to excel.

The featured pros include:
Laurent Taieb, founder of the group of the same name and creator of Madame Rêve Hotels
Estelle Touzet, first female Head Sommelier of a restaurant with three Michelin stars
Romain Tarate, Director of Rooms at Les Sources de Caudalie Palace

Discover all the podcast episodes here: https://hospitalityinsiders.net/podcast

Creative, engaged students: Etudiants & Inspirants

This podcast aims to “promote students’ solidarity-based cultural & sporting projects”.
Listen to Margot Herrada interviewing:
– Alicia & Matéo, founders of Les Plats de la Rue, an association that helps the homeless
– Serena & Yann, creators of Sedna, a virtual local currency
– Charlotte, co-founder of Wibi, an app that teaches many different professions.
For more information: https://open.spotify.com/show/7rdKZdQM7WObOXmOWgfDoc



Success in various fields as a source of inspiration: Le Gratin

When interviewed, artists are often asked which group inspired them and made them want to make music? What applies to art can be extended to any field. Success engenders success. Based on this observation, Pauline Laigneau invites leading figures from every field to join her podcast, the likes of:
Victor Lugger, co-founder of Big Mamma
Dorine Bourneton, top female aerobatics pilot with a disability
Seth Godin, bestselling author, on taking responsibility (interview in English)
Jean-Louis Etienne, doctor and the first man to reach the North Pole alone.

The podcaster even takes a turn as a literary critic by recommending a highly varied selection of books.

All episodes are available at : https://paulinelaigneau.com/le-podcast-francais

Reconnect with yourself: Bouddhisme et Méditation

Kankyo Tannier, a 46-year-old Buddhist nun, creates videos and podcasts that encourage self-reflection and considerations of time. Among other topics, she examines subjects like:
– Taking time for yourself
– The virtues of silence
– Freeing yourself from negative thoughts.

To listen to all of Kankyo Tannier’s podcast episodes: https://www.dailyzen.fr/en/videos-zen-buddhism-meditation/#.YzsQUXZBxPY

Expand your general knowledge: Choses à Savoir

Our list ends with a lighter, more cultural podcast. In just five minutes, you can find out:
– Why we say “5 by 5”?
– Why the millefeuille pastry is badly named?
– Why we call Venus the “evening star”?
– Where playing cards come from?

And the answers to many more questions…

Test your knowledge now:https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cDovL2Nob3Nlc2FzYXZvaXIubGlic3luLmNvbS9yc3M

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