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Graduation ceremony at an exceptional host’s Château Haut-Lagrange

An evening full of emotions and memories for MBA International Hotel Management alumni

Warmly welcomed by the Château Haut-Lagrange owner, Francis Boutemy, the future alumni had the privilege of touring the vineyard and tasting several different wines.

They then met for the graduation ceremony speech, given by Regis Glorieux, the school’s director. He congratulated the students for their hard work and efforts. He spoke personally to all of them, sharing little anecdotes with students who have been at the school for years, and are now a part of the large family of Vateliens.

After the ceremony, there was a cocktail dinner buffet served in the Chateau’s wine storehouse. Students, professors and staff members were able to share a few last moments of complicity together.

“The graduation ceremony is a real moment of sharing and exchanging between us all. This allows us to get together one last time before the final exams and to talk to members of the administration about other subjects than those normally brought up, such as absences, internships, classes, etc.” explained Chloe, a future MBA alumnus.

We’d also like you to know that we had a surprise guest, Donald the Cat, who came all the way from the US and was in all our 2017 class photos!