The Vatel Bordeaux Student Affairs Department will help you complete your administrative formalities before, during and after your arrival.

We will do everything in our power to make your stay with us as rewarding as possible and to make you feel like Vatel is your home away from home.


  • To find your apartment in Bordeaux
  • To validate your VISA after your arrival in France  & renew it after your 1st year in France
  • To open a French Bank account
  • To register to the French Medical Coverage and be covered at 100%
  • To apply for the Housing Allowance (CAF)

All services offered by the Student Affairs are free even for the housing part.

You will have an appointment with the Student Affairs department before and after your arrival in order to complete all your administrative processes.


Papers you MUST HAVE for your arrival in France

Please note: some of these documents may take a long time to obtain

Your ID Papers : ID Card or Passport, VISA

Your Birth certificate translated into French by a sworn translator

Vaccination certificate (personal health record)

Marriage certificate (if you are married)


You need to wait a minimum of three weeks to obtain any visa to enter and study in France (varies depending on your nationality and study project). 

It usually takes two months to obtain the VLS-TS (Visa Long Séjour valant Titre de Séjour) which is the Long-Term Student Visa that works as Residence Permit for the 1st year of your studies upon your arrival in France.

37 countries are under the CEF procedure (see the list here) which requires to create first an online profile on Campus France website (original documents provided by VATEL will be required to validate the profile), go for an interview with a member of Campus France, before your visa application file is transmitted to the French Embassy.

For any other country, you can apply for your VLS-TS directly with the French Embassy or Consulate. Once the visa issued and delivered by the French authorities, you can come in France.

After arriving in France, within one month, you have to validate your VISA directly online here: https://administration-etrangers-en-france.interieur.gouv.fr/particuliers/#/vls-ts/demarches/etape/numero-visa 

Cost : 70€ for the 1st year.

Before your arrival, the Student Affairs Department will help you find accommodation in student halls of residence in the city or in private homes.

It will also help you with the administrative formalities associated with applying for the housing allowance paid by the French Family Allowance Fund (Caisse des allocations familiales – CAF). The amount of this allowance varies according to the type of accommodation (university residence, rental, joint tenancy, etc.), the amount of the rent and the student’s resources.

After arriving in France, you will be able to register to the French Medical Coverage (CPAM) which will cover up to 70% of your medical expenses.

We will help you join the French student social security scheme, and will guide you through the formalities required to obtain 100% coverage:

  1. Register to the French Medical Coverage
  2. Get the provisional Proof of coverage and Social Security Number. Delay : Around 3 Months after the registration
  3. Subscribe to a supplemental Health Insurance (Mutuelle) to be covered at 100*
  4. Get the definitive Proof of coverage and Social Security Number. Delay : Around 6 to 8 Months after the registration
  5. Declare your Personal Doctor (Médecin Traitant)
  6. Get your Vital Card

*Supplemental Health Insurance : this will depend on your situation, and the coverage cost you around 20 to 30€ per month. This kind of insurance are offered by private insurance, therefore we have negociated for you specific offers with student rate.

Depending on the delay of the CPAM, after your registration, you will need to wait at least 3 months to be covered, therefore you have to :

  • If you’re EU-Citizens: Come with your EU Medical Coverage Card
  • If you’re non-EU-Citizen: Get a private insurance for the 1st 3 months in France

It is necessary to open a French bank account because of the all French administrative formalities (CAF, Medical Coverage CPAM…).

Therefore, VATEL Bordeaux have negociated offers with many banks. The list and contacts will be given during the Information appointment settled by the Student Affairs before your arrival in France.

I bet you are now looking forward to participate in the Vatel Bordeaux Quest.
Your turn is coming soon, stay tuned!


Integrate the school, discover the city, the school and each other’s to the intake week!

Besides discovering the school thanks to each department’s presentations, you will enjoy a historic visit of the city, participate to a Team Building activity and play to the VATEL Quest an orientation activity specifically created by VATEL Bordeaux permitting you to discover the city and each other’s!

To finish the week, let’s discover your buddy at the Integration Party organized by the Student Council! Your buddy will be there to help you in your integration at the school, give you advices for courses and many other things!


The Student Council (BDE VATEL Bordeaux) is there to offer you the best student experience!

Thanks to them, enjoy special partnerships with many companies in the city as the UBB (Rugby local team), be part of a sport team (Football ect…), participate to parties, after works, games organized every weeks, celebrate the year at the Gala and many other cool things!


Monthly rent: from €650

Fiscal stamp for visa: €80

Supplementary or top-up health insurance: €10 to €30/ month

Residential insurance: €5 to €10/month

1 Medical Consultation: €25

Public Transport Subscription (bus and tramway): €20,40

1 Washing Machine Session: €4 to €8

Fitness Membership: €20 per month

Newspaper: €2,5

1 Mobile Subscription: €10 to 20 € per month

1 Cinema Ticket: €7,50

Food: around €250/month

1 Restaurant Meal: from €12

1 Baguette: €1.10

1 Croissant: €1,5

1 Coffee: €2

Pizza: €8,25

1 Glass of Wine: from €4 to €8

1 Beer: €4

* Prices are estimations and subject to change

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