What’s on?

Matthias Cadet, our Vatelien (class of 2008 – Bachelor) continues to expand his ‘Max à Table!’ concept. He’s opened his second connected restaurant in Bordeaux with the same tried and tested concept.  A concept including eating and digital technology. His goal is clear: increasing his reputation.

Matthias Cadet and his associate, Bruno Hotel, are continuing their ‘Max à Table!’ adventure.  A few days after the grand opening of his second connected bistro, he tells us more about this unique concept in France, his client base and his development outlook.

Can you tell us about the Max à Table! concept?

Max à Table blends two concepts. The first one is a fast-food with delicious, high-quality, home-made food, that’s simple and financially accessible. Our menu includes bourgeois burgers and gourmet salads. The second one includes digital technology and its many advantages: to manage our orders and to offer interactive experiences to all of our customers, using huge tablets.

How do clients interact?

They can play using a network of between one and four people. Different tables can play the same games. Scores are posted on the screens, and that generates a collective atmosphere. We’ve got activities for everyone: coloring for little kids, board games for older ones, movie teasers for adults, etc.

Tell us about the profile your clients have.

Sixty-five percent of our clients are families. We also attract younger or older people.

How does digital technology increase the satisfaction of our clients and your client base?

Each new person that comes into ‘Max à Table’ for the first time gives us his or her email. After that, the more they come back, the more they can access discount coupons, or movie tickets, for instance.

We also have our ‘Max Eats Everywhere” app and do home delivery with service providers such as Alloresto, Deliveroo, Foodora et Likeresto.

You’ve opened another “Max à Table!’ in Bordeaux. Why did you decide on Rue Saint Pierre?

You can’t forget that Bordeaux is the city in France with the most restaurants per inhabitant. That means we’ve got a lot of competition. Rue Saint Pierre attracts a lot of clients looking for a restaurant. It was the opportunity for us to become better known.

To do this, what innovations are you going to have in your second connected bistro?

To start out, we’re going to have a sound system to organize blind tests with all our clients.

How have you built on your experience of your first restaurant?

Thanks to our first experience, in the restaurant, we’ve decided to reduce the size of the kitchen while making it more functional.

As for the digital part, we’ve decided to work with only one service provider, which we didn’t do in our first snack bar.

We see our second ‘Max à Table!’ as our real pilot project.

What are your goals in three to five years?

We’re hoping to open several ‘Max à Table!’ franchises in France. We’ll be starting this year with one in Limoges.