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Le Quatrième Mur,” which has been open since September 2015, defines itself as a chic and contemporary brasserie.”Located in the prestigious national opera, Philippe Etchebest is its conductor. His “Tables d’Hôtes” have just been awarded their first star in the 2018 Guide Michelin. The 23 students in Vatel Bordeaux’s second Bachelor year (M2B) had the immense privilege of touring the brasserie, the table d’hôtes, the kitchens and meeting the cooks and restaurant staff members.

Modern and creative” cooking, headed by the famous Chef, Philippe Etchebest

Located in Bordeaux’s National Opera house, the “Le Quatrième Mur” brasserie pays a tribute to its roots. Open since September 2015, this brasserie is already one of the favorites for gourmets from the South-West. The 2018 Michelin, a global benchmark in culinary arts, has described its cooking as being “modern and creative,” and has just awarded a first star to its Table d’Hôtes.  This Table goes beyond standards to serve highly gourmet dishes to its guests. The authenticity of the restaurant (a mixture of rough timber and steel), reminds us of a “monk’s table.” Philippe Etchebest, the best worker in France in 2000, wants this part of his restaurant to remain an intimate venue. The “Top Chef” TV program judge wants to preseve “a hospitable entity of ten to twelve guests with a unique experience of interaction between chefs. Each time, Philippe Etchebest takes the time to exchange with his guests either directly or via Skype to describe the dishes and wines to them. A unique exchange reserved only to a few privileged persons.

Besides its Table d’Hôtes, the Quatrième Mur also proposes a brasserie at noon and in the evening with two services each time. Just a few days before the Guide awarded him his star, Vatel Bordeaux students in their second Bachelor year (M2B) were able to tour this iconic venue in Bordeaux. They were thus able to discover the restaurant and its famous Table d’Hôtes. They also shared their knowledge with staff members on challenges in managing a famous restaurant. Maeva Falaise, one of the 23 lucky students, felt right at home. This young lady from Tahiti did a two-week internship in December as a waitress. She tells us more about this.

Maeva Falaise and her experience at the Quatrième Mur

“They were really nice to me. One of the waiters took the time to explain in detail each mission I would have. Each day, the Quatrième Mur serves 140 to 150 guests per service, for lunch and dinner, with two different time frames.  I served the dishes that the captain had ordered. The captain tells the waiters to serve a specific dish. As a waitress, I was first in line for impressions customers had about their dishes, both good or bad. I had to let the Chef know about this. I had to pay special attention to each detail about the customer. It was a great experience,” said the young Vatel Bordeaux student.