What’s on?

Rahul is a 20 year old Vatel Bordeaux student who arrived two years ago to follow the Bachelor in international Hotel Management.


In Vatel Bordeaux, we have 55 differents nationalites and we love to know each other better. Rahul Roy is one of them, let’s us introduce him.

Rahul background

Rahul, tell us a little about your background?

I’m from India but I lived most of my life in Kuwait. I have a degree in Commerce at Fahaheel Al-Wahenieh Indian Private School. It’s a hard school system, in fact my degree is from the national board so it’s the hardest.

How many languages do you speak?

I speak two languages : English and Hindi. English is kind of my first language, we actually speak English at home. I also learned French at school for 8 years but mostly in grammar.

What do you like most in the english culture?

I like the food, the music, the history and sports. Especially football, I support the Swansea which is a small family club with their own local fan.

New life in Vatel Bordeaux

How did you discover Vatel Bordeaux?

I was looking for a Hospitality school in Europe. First, I discovered IUBH in Germany and I was accepted. But I was not sure so I continued searching for other schools. Later, I found ESH Paris, a luxury Hospitality school. But then, my mother told me about Vatel Bordeaux so I was like : why don’t I give a shot to this. I had skype interviews and written tests. And recently, I’m in Vatel Bordeaux from a year.

Which courses do you like most?

I love most of them except Spanish because this language is new for me and the teacher always speak in Spanish which is good but difficult to me.

What is your favorite place in Bordeaux?

I love the Garonne, watching it and watching people passing by. It’s kind of a philosophic thing. I also like Place de la Victoire because it’s a big square, I love the mixte of culture and that you can find both tourists and locals.