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During the forum on the future of the Hotel and Restaurant sector, held on Thursday October 10, Vatel Bordeaux gave you the opportunity to discover the Glowzen room. Developed by the French start-up Glowee, the Glowzen room is based on the principle of bioluminescence, which is the natural act of producing light.

The French biotechnology start-up Glowee was the “French Tech”’ ambassador at the Cop21 2016. It owes this distinction to the development and technological optimization of bioluminescence. Bioluminescence occurs when natural light is emitted by a living organism such as fireflies, lightning bugs and more than 80 % of marine organisms.

Bioluminescence induces well-being in the workplace


Bioluminescence, through the Glowzen Room, allows you to relax, and feel less stressed. Professionals, students and

members of the Vatel Bordeaux team have reported experiencing a ‘soothing’, ‘pleasant’, ‘nurturing’, ‘luminous’, ‘calming’, ‘similar to relaxation’ feeling. It therefore contributes to happiness at work.


During its forum on the future of the Hospitality sector, Vatel Bordeaux highlighed the importance of well-being in the workplace through Sarah Allart. The author of ‘Sunday, Monday, Happy Days’ discusses the benefits and methods of positive psychology applied daily when dealing with colleagues.

The founder of Glowee, Sandra Rey, 29, indicates that ‘its soft light and the modularity of its ingredients are used in the urban interior design style in diverse ways. Bioluminescence does not use light bulbs and does not contribute to waste. Its aim is to offer an alternative to artificial light in the urban design landscape.

Bioluminescence preserves the environment

Co-founder and President of Vatel Bordeaux, Régis Glorieux places a strong emphasis on the environmental issue and sees it as one of the two major challenges for the hotel and food service sector. Vatel Bordeaux was the first hotel school that had its operational entities awarded the European Ecolabel in 2016. The label was renewed in 2018.

The aim is to allow the future professionals of the industry to adhere to Social Responsibility of the Educational Enterprise. To achieve this purpose, we show them how to apply good practices in

sustainable development on a daily basis, at the school, the hotel and the restaurant.

Like Sandra Rey, students and graduates of Vatel Bordeaux symbolize the youth who trusts, innovates and responds to the challenges of the future.