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On Sunday October 20th at 9.30 am, 50 Vatel students took the initiative to participate in the 15th edition of the Pink Ribbon Challenge, a 7-kilometer walk on the Bordeaux quays. The aim was to raise funds to support breast cancer prevention and early diagnosis.

After St Thibaut des Vignes and Lille, Bordeaux followed suit and is now the third city in France to support the 15th edition of the Pink Ribbon challenge, encouraging its inhabitants to participate in the 7-kilometer walk or race, collectively or individually.

Below are the reasons behind the participation of the Bordeaux branch of Vatel Group

Breast cancer: Vatel Bordeaux is eager to support a universal cause

With the 55 nationalities that constitute its large student community, Vatel Bordeaux is keen on supporting any cause that could impact them. The Pink Ribbon challenge helps to fight breast cancer which is the most common cancer affecting women in the world.

Our students and the women working in our team are greatly concerned. And we all have a female friend, a cousin or a sister who could be affected by this illness. Even men, despite the unlikeliness of such occurrence, could be diagnosed with the disease.

Breast cancer: Smoking linked to a higher risk of breast cancer, young generation most at risk.

Vatel Bordeaux promotes the Social Responsibility of the Educational Institution. Its aim is to show citizens how to be socially responsible.

Apart from age, the risk factors of breast cancer are family history, smoking and excess weight.4. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average age of intensive smokers is 21,9 years old. And a number of our students are part of these statistics. As such, while preserving their individual freedom, Vatel Bordeaux is committed to raising awareness among all its

communities. Most importantly, Vatel Bordeaux took part in the collective walk to show unity and solidarity.

Each and every one of us could be affected by breast cancer on any day! We thank our 50 students for their engagement and gesture.