What’s on?


I studied at Vatel Bordeaux (class of 2016), then worked as a pastry chef for three years. I have recently changed profession and become a personal trainer in an independent fitness center in Bordeaux (and freelance nutritional consultant).

Today, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the current situation and its impact on my work.

My job as a personal trainer? My passion

I am lucky to do a job that is basically my passion. Even when I’m not studying or working, I do exercise every day for fun and to stay in shape. This made lockdown easier for me as I kept myself busy and was also able to regularly exercise.

Lockdown? An opportunity to provide personal training in a different way

I am lucky to work in a small organization, where the people (clients and colleagues alike) know and help each other. So we continued to do our jobs by adapting to the conditions imposed by COVID-19, while trying our best to reach the largest number of people.

In terms of my work, the coaching method is different in that:

  • We haven’t had any contact with clients to motivate them.
  • We have had to explain through videos and livestreams (on social networks) and offer classes to suit everyone.
  • We have continued to communicate advice about fitness, health and a positive mindset to try to help support people during lockdown.

Doing exercise with a personal trainer: our clients’ many goals

Doing exercise meets several needs and wants of our clients:

  • For some, it is a way of staying in shape.
  • For others, a way to clear their head and not get discouraged by negativity and the permanent media whirlwind during the pandemic.
  • For many, it is a way to not feel alone as we try to create a community around our work.