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In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, Vatel Bordeaux organized many webinars and workshops to help its students cope with lockdown, to reassure them concerning the future of the hotel-restaurant sector and to show them that following the crisis there will an array of opportunities to seize.

The Covid-19 crisis has brought its share of uncertainties, stress, doubts. How to go through this distressing period, how to feel less anxious about the future and how to bring oneself to think positively ? Vatel Bordeaux tried answering these questions with a handful of hotel-restaurant and wellbeing experts. Discussions took place during lockdown and after.

Webinars to better cope with the lockdown and the post-COVID-19 period

Exams, the preparation of research papers and dissertations and the hunt for internships induce tension and worry. Moreover, switching to online classes and to online examinations in such a short time, the interrupted or canceled internships have also taken their toll on students and pushed them to double their adaptability.

In such dire circumstances, Vatel Bordeaux invited Matthieu Dubourg in a bid to share the benefits of Positive Psychology. He gave our students many organizational tools and techniques to better manage their stress and boost their progress.
To manage one’s stress is important, but what’s more important is to be able to feel continuously energized. Carine Noël is a hypnosis and energy therapist, and showed our students and staff how to develop a positive energy thanks to emotional release and meditation and encouraged them to identify their attainable goals.

Online conferences to reassure students about the global future of the hotel-restaurant industry

How will the hotel-restaurant sector recover after the COVID 19 crisis ?
Vatel Bordeaux invited 5 experts of the hotel sector to discuss this issue and answer our students’ questions: Lena Le Goff, director of Les Sources de Caudalie, Séverine Perrier – Operations manager of Seeko’o Hotel, Anthony Torkington– General Manager of Relais & Châteaux, Christophe Gamon – Head of Development France & International Humelab – Victoria Digital – Vision Media Partner, Jean-Philippe Burgeat – Director of Hôtel de Tourny & President of Club Hôtelier Bordeaux Centre (CHBC).

3 figures of the restaurant sector also participated in the discussion, bringing their own opinion to the table: : Michelin-starred chef Guy Savoy, Chef of Cent 33 Fabien Beaufour and Manager of Le Cent 33 restaurant Emilie Beaufour.

  • In this difficult time, the human element takes centerstage since the hotel and restaurant industry are all about service and interaction.
  • This crisis is leading to a heightened penchant for green consumption : more eco-friendly products, more farm-to-table products, more sustainable tourism…
  • This crisis is leading to a better cohesion between employees and better relations between the staff and guests, which is beneficial for team relations.
  • In terms of employment, hotels and restaurants are always looking for interns.
  • These sectors managed to recover after many difficult periods : terrorist attacks, economic crisis, and they will most certainly succeed in resisting to this health crisis.


Guy Savoy (Top) Emilie & Fabien Beaufour (middle)

…. And they are shedding light on the numerous opportunities to be seized

They are all convinced that the current recession will lead to the emergence of new opportunities :

  1. Developing new sanitary standards which will give rise to new professions in relation with this health issue.
  2. Reflecting on new ‘take-away’ or ‘delivery’ ideas, according to Guy Savoy and Fabien Beaufour: what kind of delightful yet simple dishes could be suggested ? and under which packaging ?
  3.  The burgeoning of places that account for hot spots for encounters, the likes of Mama Shelter.
  4. The booming of the home delivery service offered by restaurants which represents the equivalent of 15 servings, as explained by Fabien Beaufour. Emilie Beaufour thinks that the rise in the home delivery services could lead to the creation of a new dedicated business model.

Similarly to the hotel sector, the events sector is facing equal difficulties and will need to rise to the challenge, explained Sylvie Pépin – Head of external relations at the FC Girondins Bordeaux, to our students. Her objectives, on the mid-term, are:

  • Reassure staff, partners and supporters.
  • Reflect on new formats of partnerships and sources of income.
  • Work on the company image through setting up a Foundation.

Online sports classes were also put in place during lockdown and after. The aim being to keep the students’ mind off the crisis, release the stress and maintain the connections between students and Vatel Bordeaux. Find out more about our online sports courses via the testimonial of our student Antonia Feldmann.

Aurelie Poles gave yoga lessons in English.