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Since its opening on June 1st 2016, la Cité du Vin is the second most visited venue in Bordeaux. During their academic course, all Vatel students get to visit it. This time around, our MBA students in International Wine & Spirits Management collected a handful of photos. Take a look.

Viewed often as the worldwide capital of wine, Bordeaux boasts a museum that showcases best this precious craft. La Cité du Vin has a surface of 13 350 m2

A noteworthy success : 416.000 visitors in 2019 from 178 countries

In 2019, the museum attracted 416 000 visitors from 178 countries, a proof of the universality of the wine and spirits culture.

The Vatel Bordeaux students, who originate from 55 different countries, are appreciative of this place that evokes their respective home countries. It features evidence of the prominence of wine throughout the millennia, notably in the Chinese, European and Egyptian civilizations.

The Buffet of 5 senses: training the nose to recognize aromas

The Museum of Culture and Civilizations offers an ongoing presentation in a 3000 m2 hall, arranged in 10 interactive spaces allowing the visitors to follow a path towards an in-depth wine discovery. We will highlight two key paths: The Buffet of 5 senses & the Belvédère tasting.

The Buffet of 5 senses aims to train the nose to perceive scents and identify aromas. By pressing on the pear, our students wanted to act playful and tried to guess the scent that emanated from the cornet ( wood ? copper ? lavender ?).

A fun and educational game for future managers of the wine-growing and wine-producing world, as they will be required to describe the precise composition of a wine and its associated aromas during their coursework.

Le Belvédère of La Cité du Vin: A tasting experience with a panoramic view of Bordeaux city

The visit would not be complete without a stop at the Belvédère. Situated on the 8th floor at a 35-meter height, Le Belvédère offers a stunning view overlooking all Bordeaux.

The other enjoyment offered by this unique venue is the chance to sip a glass of wine, amongst the 20 wines selected exclusively for enthusiastic visitors, allowing them to indulge in a warm and instructive experience.