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This 2nd edition of the Street Art competition under the theme #ACTFORTHEPLANET was a real success! 87 projects, 21 nationalities represented, 1 177 visitors and 2 2232 voters. Let’s find out more about the winners.


The lucky winners of the 2020 edition were announced during the Awards ceremony held this Tuesday, September 29:

  • The Peruvian duet Nemo & Meki won the Judges’Choice Award for their artwork ‘El derecho de vivir en paz’
  • The twosome from the outer-Paris region Ulys won the Visitors’ Choice Award for their artwork ‘Hurry Up and Slow Down’
  •  The Brazilian artist Jotape Pax won the Online Users ‘Choice Award for his artwork ‘Immersive dream’
  •  The Saint-Etienne artist Slim won the Special Public’ Choice Award for his artwork ‘The Planetary Chameleon’

During the Awards ceremony, we talked to the organizers, jury members and artists, who were happy to share their thoughts.

Régis Glorieux President Vatel Bordeaux – Organizer: Our students are very committed to this cause

Our students are very committed to the environmental cause, hence their theme choice for this year. This proves that the new generation gives the utmost importance to protecting the planet and its natural resources. This also attests that they greatly endorse and understand the ‘ Social Responsibility of the educational Corporate’ (RS2E). This innovative concept created by Vatel Bordeaux was nominated to the awards of the best educational initiative amongst hotel schools in the world in 2016, and it is widely and systematically practiced in our entities.

Aurélien Desailloud – Art director at the Art and Culture Institute Bernard Magrez & President of the Jury: a beautiful encounter in the realm of contemporary art and murals

The Art and Culture institute operated, since 3 years, a substantial shift towards street art, urban art and graffiti, and we now organize great exhibitions at Château Labottière. We also work with regional artists and we give them a platform and provide them with financial means through the art residences we organize. Concerning the art piece that won the Jury Prize, it appealed to us because it has a style that is uncommon to Bordeaux. It is very colored. It is a nice mixture between contemporary art and murals and brings additional vigor through its palette of colors and symbols. The inherent message includes a tribute to tradition and a nod to the future along with a planet-friendly twist.

Judges’ Choice Award: Nemo & Meki – ‘El derecho de vivir en paz’


Ulys & Slim: challenges, questions and optimism

Ulys: We started working in tandem very recently. We wanted to represent the evolution chain with three skulls: the past, present and future. The present is trapped in the harmful repercussions of globalization and capitalism. The future is looking at the present and at the past in an attempt to sabotage what was perpetrated before. We should absolutely connect with nature, and each of holds the key for that. We need to change and progress in our thinking and show more discernment. These are pressing matters but we tried to remain optimistic through choosing green and blue, which are positive colors.


Slim: The chameleon is my favorite animal as it is capable of changing color and adapting. It holds the world, hence the representation of the planisphere. It challenges man by saying to him: Are you capable of that yourself? I ask the question although I don’t obtain any answer. My intention was to make a very colorful artwork. It is a call for optimism.

Online Users’ Choice Award: Jotape Pax – ‘Immersive dream’


Congratulations to all the winners and a special acknowledgment to all the participating artists :[Rb], Agotok, Akore, Alexandros Simopoulos, Alfredo Maffei, Andes, Angèle, Anis 88, Ann’so, Bibi Una, Br Créations, Brian Caddy, Bust The Drip, Came Moreno, Carlos, Chou, Dagson Silva, Damien Auriault, Damien-Paul Gal, Dan Ferrer, Dear Lozada, Dhoa, Doudou’style, El Marto, Elie, Facéé, Fils De Créa, Flor, Florkey, Gonçalomar, Heavy.Mentall, Hien, Jæn, Jotape Pax, Kiki, Kiwie, Klos, Kolejo, Koye & Enora, Krafts, Ladybug, Lavaud_Art, Léa Fay, Lesivo, Loraine, Lrx, Luogo Comune, Marhel, Mexicana, Mike Makatron, Mister Thoms, Monsieur Plume, Mots, Muzai, Natch, Nemo & Meki, Ng, Nicolas Garzon Clavijo, Oker, Oscar Axo, Ose, Ozak, P3pe, Poulain, R.Nuage, Ream, Sabépat, Saintoma, Samir, Saveur Graffik, Sayad, Seboh, Sêma Lao, Sjohns, Slim, Smoka, Sofia Castellanos, Stan, Steek, Takir, Tky, Tremor, Ulys (Julie Regard-Sly2), Urka, Xela, Zesar Carrion, Zoro Zipa.

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