What’s on?

From September 14th to 27th, we were at the Promotion & Communication division of our school. In our practice program : the management and promotion of the Street Art by Vatel Bordeaux exhibition as well as the logistic organization of the Pink Ribbon challenge which took place on October 18th.

Communicate & promote: an outreach to different audiences

‘The 2nd edition of the Street Art by Vatel Bordeaux Contest exhibition this year will be honoring 35 artists from 16 different nationalities. This takes place from September 8 to 29, 2020 at Cap Sciences and is open to all!

We have accomplished different missions in related to this event such as:

  • Distribute the flyers to professionals so that the exhibition can be widely known
  • Present them with the contest when they come to Cap Sciences.
  • Approach other Vatel students to encourage them to go to the exhibition and vote online.
  • Post messages on our social media to maximize the number of voters for the Online Users’ Choice Award.
  • Count the ballots to determine the winner of the Visitors’ Choice Award.In addition to the operational management of the competition, we were able to experiment with the organization in the process of another event: the Pink Ribbon Challenge.


Julie Nadal second year bachelor student

Organize an event: analyze, adapt and decide

During our practice, we had the opportunity to participate in the organization of another event: the participation of 50 members of the Vatel Bordeaux community in the Pink Ribbon Challenge.

This event promotes screening and the fight against breast cancer; a cause to which we are very sensitive.

From a professional point of view, organizing an event was very rewarding. We had to :

  1. Analyze the new health obligations related to COVID-1
  2. Adapt them to the Pink Ribbon Challenge
  3. Keep the fun and friendly aspect of running / walking


The outcome of our brain work is to separate the group of 50 people into 8 groups. We are considering two different starts as well as two opposite routes. For purposes of preserving the own essence of running, and to present the link between the Vatel community and this cause, by combining them together and organizing the activities points. The key to the last is to make the participants be best aware of the cause.

We get a lot of positive points from our practice, even if some days the tasks were a little bit less abundant. Our supervisors therefore, knew how to hear us. We were also able to benefit from a great deal of autonomy, a sign of real confidence. We got regular updates on our missions, which made us feel like a part of the team

Throughout this practice we got to know each other better.

The first and second year students are often placed in operational positions but with the current economic situation, we still have been able to benefit from this practice which is an advantage for our education as well as our CV.

Adèle Banderier second year bachelor student

In summary, during this fortnight, we could progress in our knowledge of the world of work in general and in customer relationship management.

Adèle Banderier & Julie Nadal students in M2C class