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Coming from Vietnam, as a second-year international student, Ngoc NGUYEN shares about her amazing experiences about Vatel Bordeaux and the beautiful city of Bordeaux.


After thoughtful consideration and in-depth research about the opportunities to study further in hospitality, I chose Vatel Bordeaux as my next destination to pursue my long-nurtured dream.

I would talk about three points that I like the most when studying there: the great quality of professors, the kind support from the Students Affairs Department and last but not least, the beauty of Bordeaux city.

Conscientious and experienced professors

Firstly, I am so impressed by the professors in Vatel.Bordeaux. All of them always listen to students and willing to orient each individual on both academic and professional work. Especially in the tough situation of Covid-19 when I have had to taking online courses by Zoom, all the teachers have never failed to amaze me with their such efficient lessons that in which I do not fell stress at all. For example, I was so grateful to have Ms. Anna MORAITIS as my teacher in Professional Image in my first year. She is excellently competent at HR, especially in hospitality sector that helped me a lot connect with Vatel alumni to expand my network. Furthermore, I always remember her inspiring lessons and her powerful speeches about self-image, or 30-second elevator pitch that helped me pass the interview with IHG Group last year. Thanks for her classes, I was accepted to have internship in InterContinental Carlton Cannes for my first internship, unfortunately, I could not do it due to the pandemic but it was a good practice for me for my future career.

Besides, Bachelor program gave me chances to learn about Hospitality and Tourism Environment subjects. The teachers are experienced professionals that have worked for years in their fields. It is so treasured to have Nutrition class in two years with Ms. Doris CARTIGNY who is a Nutritionist. I have never thought that I would have nutrition and health subject at university before I joined in Vatel Bordeaux. However, after having classes with Ms. CARTIGNY, I found it absolutely essential to have good knowledge of impact of food on human health as well as every food ingredient. In my practice in a restaurant, I realized that it was so important for a caterer to know well 14 food allergens. And thanks for Ms. CARTIGNY, her lessons about allergens helped me a lot!

The kind support of Students Affairs Department

Secondly, I would send my huge thank to the Students Affairs Department of Vatel Bordeaux. Ms. Chloé CASSAGNE cooperated with me such lots of things regarding paperwork as well as student life in France. Since my very first step before I entered the school, Ms. CASSAGNE had contacted me by email to guide me step-by-step to well prepare my early necessary documents. Then, during the time I have been at Vatel Bordeaux, she is always available to have meeting with me. She aided me to apply for the French housing allowance, my resident permit dossier, and the Carte Vitale to benefit from the French health system.

Furthermore, since the first lockdown last year, the team has kept on organizing the weekly Coffee Zoom, games and friendly meetings are held that helps students relaxed after studying. The Students Affairs Office gives me useful must-known information for the life in France, as well as supports my student life more meaningful by such interesting activities.

Bordeaux city – the combination of dynamism and historical French culture

At last, I will never regret choosing Bordeaux in which I have been spending my three university years. It is such a beautiful city located along with the Garonne river. One of the things I like the most in Bordeaux is that I can immerse into its exciting and dynamic vibes besides its historical French culture. Indeed, there are numerous things to do for the youth who like going shopping, outside activities, and even some short trips. There is a hustle and bustle street Sainte-Catherine, one of the longest shopping pedestrian streets in Europe, has number of well-known brands so that I can spend a whole day walking and buying everything easily.

There are also various nice parks in the city: Jardin Public, Jardin Botanique, Parc de l’Ermitage. My friends and I often go there for a picnic at the weekend.


Ngoc NGUYEN at the Jardin Public 1 week after her arrival in Bordeaux

At Moreover, I am attracted by monumental French architecture in Bordeaux which was illustrated in many famous monuments, even on each house individually and every street corner. In the first week when I came to Bordeaux, I visited almost of tourist destinations there such as St-André cathedral, Pierre Bridge, La Cité du Vin – a wine museum and exhibition. I was really overwhelmed in front of those magnific monuments. Besides, having lived there for a year and a half, I realized that I am into the feelings.

When I go for a walk, with my headphone and my camera which is always ready to take some random photos of some lovely streets. That is when I feel peaceful, be lived, and be part of the city.

Furthermore, thanks to its convenient transportation, I usually have some day trips to some stunning beaches near Bordeaux such as Arcachon, Biarritz, Lège-Cap-Ferret.

In general, I am totally grateful to be an international student of Vatel Bordeaux. Being given education by the school, I believe it is such a wonderful preparation for me to go beyond in my hospitality career path. Those above are only few among numerous things that I would like to talk about the school as well as the city of Bordeaux. For those who are still considering and hesitate to choose Vatel Bordeaux, it will be absolutely a good decision!

Ngoc (Nicole) NGUYEN a 2nd year bachelor student.