What’s on?

Thanks to their prestige and their particularly original positioning, these hotels will open and amaze the customers in 2021. Between luxury, elegance, eco-responsibility & history. Presentation.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hotel and Restaurant industry continues to invent and to delight the clients in 2021 while perpetuating certain classics; gastronomy, swimming pool, spa. Here are the 5 hotels that will mark the opening year.

Le Grand Contrôle –Versailles – France: Welcome to the Grand Siècle (June 1st 2021)

Staying in the Palace of Versailles is now possible! 14 rooms are furnished in the Grand Control built in 1681. Everything, including the outfits of the staff, recalls the 18th century.

The Woodward – Geneva Switzerland: French perfume and starred chefs (April 2021)

Located in Geneva, opposite the lake of the same name, the Woodward gives pride of place to luxury and French gastronomy. La Maison Guerlain takes over the 1200 square meter spa. ‘Le Jardinier’of Michelin-starred Chef Alain Verzéoli will point out the vegetable compositions. The vast majority of them are “dairy-free and gluten-free vegans.” ‘L’atelier de Joël Rebuchon’ will continue its tradition of open cooking.


Six Senses Sharaput-Israel: You Are Almost 2000 Years Back (August 5 2021)

Situated in n the Negev desert, at the top of a cliff, the 58 villas and suites of this hotel draw their decoration according to the tradition of the residences of the time when the Nabataean community lived there 2000 years ago. Wanting to minimize the environmental impact of the establishment, the owners have built it entirely using stone from local rocks. The dining experience is inspired by Bedouin culture & customs.

Kruger Shalati Lodge Train – South Africa: A Train Journey Like You’ve Never Been Before (Spring 2021)

South Africa is the historic birthplace of safaris. 100 years ago, a night train stopped on the Selati Bridge. This same train on the said bridge is stationed there forever. It has been transformed into a luxury boutique hotel with 34 rooms with the main highlight which is the contemplation of elephants, buffaloes and crocodiles.

Four Season El Tamarindo – Mexico: A hotel integrated into an eco reserve (February 2021)

If we designate the hotel inaguration in 2021, which committed most to the preservation of its environment, it would undoubtedly be the Four Seasons in Tamarindo.
This resort located in the state of Jalisco appears to be fully integrated within the eco reserve.
Builders favor locally available materials.

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