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I am currently doing my second year internship at the Manava Hotel in Moorea Resort & Spa in Front office.

I am in charge of operational missions (Checks-IN, Checks-out, visit of the hotel) and administrative missions (invoices, files, reservations, concierge)


The hotel has rooms on stilts in the heart of the Moorea lagoon where our guests can meet sharks, rays, turtles and fish, rooms with private pools or rooms located on the sea shore.

This experience allows me to discover the local culture and the hotel business with a very international clientele. I have the chance to work in the spirit of Polynesian hospitality and in a setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

Here, guests don’t come to a hotel, they come to their own home.

Sharing, conviviality and altruism are the values inspired by the hotel and bring us back to an authentic pleasure of service.