What’s on?

Between dance bars, theme bars and more, here is our top 10 list of great bars in Bordeaux city. 


1. Calle Ocho, the hot spot for salsa dancing

Open since 1996, Calle Ocho has become a prime venue amongst Latin music bars in Bordeaux. If you love South American beats, this is the place to completely let loose. In addition, the cocktails come at classic prices (€7-8).

2. L’Apollo, for anyone who loves to dance to funk and soul music

The name L’Apollo refers to the Apollo Theater in Harlem, the famous New York neighborhood. All the biggest soul and funk stars have performed at the Apollo Theater. Those musical styles reign supreme at this bar in Bordeaux, the perfect spot to shake your hips.

Every Thursday night, live music fills the bar with emotion and feeling.

Like at Calle Ocho, L’Apollo serves up cocktails at affordable prices.

3. King Kong, a bar teeming with greenery and diverse musical styles.

You will see plants everywhere as soon as you set foot inside this dimly lit space. The venue’s ambiance shifts to that of a nightclub on Saturday nights, with a DJ spinning tunes from the ’80s to today.

4. L’Austra, which turns into a nightclub every Wednesday to Sunday

Located on the banks of the Garonne, close to both our campuses, L’Austra is open seven days a week.
This trendy dance bar brings in DJs to mix from Wednesday to Sunday, featuring artists like Wejdane, Naza, Naps and DJ Bens.

5. Ayawasca Cocktail Club, for unexpected cocktails

If you like adventures and cocktails, the Ayawasca Cocktail Club (ACC) could easily become your favorite place to go out.
The bartender enjoys mixing flavors into original and surprising cocktails.

The ACC also serves up dishes made from the freshest ingredients.

6. The vintage bar and its 150 bottle rum cellar 

in addition to cocktails and beers, the vintage bar offers a wide variety of rum

7. Le Lucifer, a Belgian beer bar with board games

The main attraction of this venue is its selection of beers from Belgium. It also serves up Norwegian and Quebec brews.
This unusual spot also offers concerts on Wednesday nights, plus board games and darts.

8. La Bièristerie, the best place for craft beer

As suggested by its name, La Bièristerie is a temple to lagers and ales! You can sip on bottles from the Gard, Côtes-d’Armor, Dordogne, Gironde and Parisian regions of France, but also from England and the US. Not too shabby!
Hot dogs and charcuterie boards are also available if you want something to nibble on.

9. HMS Victory, the best combination of pub quizzes and sports

The HMS Victory broadcasts all kinds of sporting events. Located close to the bustling Place de la Victoire and open seven days a week, it also features pub quizzes. Winners get the chance to spend a minute behind the bar! This English pub is further livened up by karaoke and beer pong. Lastly, it has a daily happy hour from 5 to 7 pm.

10. L’Engrenage, where you can show how funny you are

L’Engrenage serves many beers on tap, signature cocktails and cocktails made to order. But what really makes it stand out is L’Engrenage Comedy Club. Six local comedians take their turns doing stand-up. A great option for a night of laughter with your friends! It is easy to reach, thanks to its location near the Gambetta tram stop.