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Preparing for an exam should not be neglected. Whether it’s your attitude or your knowledge, nothing can be left out. Here are 7 tips to help you prepare for the competition.

Interview between a student and the recruiter

      • Oral test:


                    1. Showcase your strengths


The objective for the jury is to get to know you and your career plan better. It is therefore important to find out about the school.

Be careful, an overly prepared interview is a failed interview, the aim being to have a spontaneous exchange and for you

to remain yourself.


Think about the adjectives that best define you. How do you see yourself? How do others see you?

What about you could make a difference ?


Draw on your experiences, whether professional (internships, summer jobs, school projects) or personal (organizing birthdays,

dinners, trips, volunteering). Don’t be afraidto talk about your hobbies or passions. This is an opportunity to make a difference,

to tell a story, to create a link with the recruiter, and above all to leave a positive impression.


Finally, even if you don’t have much experience in the hospitality industry, find out more about it and try to see what the future holds.

Why not be inspired by the successes of our graduates: Vatelian success stories.


                    2. The 4’20’ rule


Making a good impression remains very important.

Your interviewer will be sensitive to your first 20:

–  Steps: Show a steady, calm approach. This will give a positive and reassuring image of you. (Applicable for a face-to-face interview).

–  Gestures: Shake hands firmly but not too firmly. This shows your determination to join us (Applicable for a face-to-face).

–  Centimètres: When sitting, look the person in the eye with a smile and stay attentive.

–  Words: avoid familiar language (it is forbidden to be on first-name terms with the recruiter), keep it natural, and at the end of

the interview remember to ask your questions.


Take care of your appearance and dress: a clean-shaven beard and neat hair are appreciated. There is no need to invest in a suit

or a tailor for the occasion. But keep it classic. Sober trousers (city or chino), shirt and jacket (if you have one) will do perfectly for the boys.

For girls, trousers or a skirt, a shirt or blouse, or a classic dress will be perfect.


Finally, practice with your friends and family and film yourself. This will allow you to detect your small defects very quickly.

zoom interview between a student and recruiters

                    3. Zoom interview:


Those suggestions also apply to a Zoom interview, which requires just as much preparation.

Make sure that you are in the right conditions and have the necessary documents available in a suitable setting and background.

As for dress code, it is just as important at a distance as it is in person. (see above)


The computer charger in the vicinity would avoid a maintenance break, so it is also important

to check your equipment beforehand (microphone, camera).


Posture and demeanor should communicate your enthusiasm and seriousness to the interviewer.

Stand up straight throughout the interview and remember to smile.


To go further and make this interview interactive, don’t hesitate to use the zoom features such as screen sharing to show

documents or work relevant to the exchange.


      • Written tests:


                    4. Communicate well to be understood:

Knowing how to express oneself is one of the foundations of management.

General knowledge, a rich vocabulary, and a good command of the French language are expected for the French test.

                    5. Revise your English:

English is the international language par excellence that all hotel managers speak fluently, so it is essential to master it.

Practice your English syntax and grammar.

                    6. Train online:

You are advised to practice on the Tage Mage website, the business management skills test has similar content to

the logic test you will be taking.

                    7. Be spontaneous:

The personality test requires you not to think too much about the answer, the aim being to be as spontaneous and honest as possible.

                    8. Research your career plans:

When writing your cover letter, having researched your career plans is expected (essential for MBA students) as knowing

how Vatel can help you get there.


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