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Managed by Chloé Cassagne, Student affairs offers support services for international students, but also for French students in terms of accommodation, insurance but also in terms of student partnerships in collaboration with the Student Office.

Vatel Bordeaux: Partner of 27 student residences through its Student Affairs department

For accommodation in particular, Vatel Bordeaux’ Student Affairs’ provides an accommodation listing with all the avenues to explore (estate agents, social networks, student residences, etc.), as well as privileged partnerships with players in the real estate market, such as Amastas (offer platform) and MyVeasytor, which visit accommodation on your behalf, so that you don’t miss any opportunities!

Thanks to partnerships with 27 residences offering accommodation with rents ranging from 465€ to 900€ depending on the location and proximity to the school, Vatel Bordeaux’ students’ have a wide choice. Another advantage of Vatel Bordeaux, is the possibility for its students to stay in the Crous residences. This is a real opportunity because usually students in private schools are not supposed to be able to benefit from it.

Please note that this opportunity is only available to students who use Vatel Bordeaux’ Student Affairs.

Vatel Bordeaux’s Student Affairs: essential help for foreign students

This support service for finding accommodation is all the more necessary for an international student. Indeed, it is very complicated to find an accommodation without a French guarantor. Student Affairs is a precious help for foreign students, since it accompanies the student from A to Z in his/her procedures and acts as a guarantor for them with the landlords.

This is a service offered by Vatel Bordeaux which is entirely free of charge: no financial contribution is requested from the students. Vatel Bordeaux only acts as an intermediary in order to facilitate the search, reservation and payment procedures.

By going through Student Affairs, students can complete their administrative procedures much faster and with much less stress. The department is an essential help for students to find accommodation, do certain administrative procedures such as validating VISAs, renewing residence permits, opening a bank account, acquiring a social security number, obtaining housing benefits from the CAF (French Healthcare System).

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