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Fabrice Glorieux, Alumni Manager, explains his career path and introduces us to his job.

Picture of Fabrice Glorieux, Head of Alumni at Vatel Bordeaux.

I am Fabrice Glorieux, I arrived at Vatel Bordeaux in November 2017. I worked in the Promotion & Communication Department until August 31st, 2023. I became Alumni Manager following Nathalie Gaucher-Piola’s retirement.

Could you tell us about your background?

Before arriving at Vatel Bordeaux, I studied history. I created a website dedicated to young athletes, I conducted interview with French and international female competitors. I found this cultural diversity again. We have 61 nationalities represented among the students!

I remember a professional practice where I worked with a Bulgarian student and a Vietnamese student. A great human and managerial experience.

Could you present your missions as Manager of the Vatel Bordeaux Alumni Network?

Our graduates are the main ambassadors of Vatel Bordeaux. My role is to lead the Vatel Bordeaux Alumni network. I have to do everything I can to:

  • Promote contacts between alumni, between alumni and students and between alumni and Vatel Bordeaux teams:


–  Contact alumni when I notice that they are looking for a job via a watch on their social networks (LinkedIn, Hosco) for calls in order to define with them their specific needs. Then connect them with graduates who can help them. Respond to their requests when they ask me.

– Organize convivial events such as the afterwork on November 9, 2023, at the “Le Caméléon” Restaurant or the one planned in Paris this year, the Alumni Gala on April 27,2024. Some graduates of our bachelor’s degree continue their studies. They can meet older alumni.


– Satisfy my colleagues’ requests, for example when we travel to our partners, to provide the names of alumni working with them. This allows us to exchange with them, which is always enriching and warm.

  • Highlighting the career paths of our graduates:

– Conduct interviews with our graduates with our series “Alumni portrait” that focus on the diversity of their backgrounds, their missions, their current institution, and their future.

– Publish posts on Vatel’s social networks highlighting company creations, promotions, new positions of the previous month or two.

– Relay the successes of our graduates, employees of the month for example or mention alumni present in a hotel who have obtained a distinction.

What do you like most about your job?

The fact that you always must adapt and the daily human contact. The response must always be very individualized because the requests will always be individual. Never identical.

What are the qualities needed to be a good Alumni Manager?

The sense of listening I would say whether it’s for interviews or photo requestions (for nominations). Anticipation is also essential, having a very creative side too.

What is your greatest achievement at Vatel Bordeaux?

When an alumni is happy with my work.