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Sourodip Roy : Alumni Testimonial


Discover our Alumni’s career path after graduating from Vatel Bordeaux.

Picture of our Alumni from Vatel Bordeaux, Sourodip Roy.

I am Sourodip Roy, a 25-year-old individual hailing from Kolkata, India, and a proud alumnus of Vatel International Hotel and Tourism Business School in Bordeaux. In 2022, I successfully graduated from this esteemed institution, equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experiences in the field. My educational journey at Vatel has profoundly shaped my understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry, setting the stage for a promising and fulfilling professional trajectory in these dynamic sectors.

Can you explain in which class were you in Vatel Bordeaux? And what specialty did you choose?

As a participant in the Masters of Business Administration program at Vatel Bordeaux, I honed my focus by selecting Wine and Spirits Management as my specialty. This deliberate choice stems from a profound passion for the intricacies of the wine and spirits industry. The program offered a comprehensive curriculum, equipping me with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and excel in this dynamic sector. My specialization reflects a commitment to gaining profound expertise and contributing to the evolving landscape of wine and spirits management.

What is your background from your school diploma to your current position?

Before enrolling at Vatel Bordeaux, I completed hospitality courses in Kolkata, Coimbatore, and London. Post-graduation, I ventured into the wine industry, starting as a Wine Tour and Tasting Intern at Resvera Wines in Nashik, India. After successfully completing this role, I transitioned to Soma Vine Village as a Junior Brand Ambassador. In my current position, I actively contribute to promoting and representing the brand, furthering my expertise and enthusiasm for the intricacies of the wine industry.

What aspects of training at Vatel Bordeaux have been the most beneficial to your career?

    My transformative experience at Vatel Bordeaux has been integral to my personal and professional growth, with the well-structured and planned modules serving as a cornerstone. Specifically, the Human Resources (HR) studies profoundly impacted my approach to manpower management, a skill I’ve seamlessly applied in real-world scenarios. The modules across subjects, meticulously designed to explore matters to the core, not only imparted knowledge but also facilitated significant personal development.

   What sets Vatel apart is its practical approach to theoretical subjects. The incorporation of examples and case studies directly linked to current industry situations provided me with a nuanced understanding. As I entered the industry, this approach proved invaluable, earning me respect from colleagues and senior officials alike. Being at par with the industry’s current dynamics and well-updated contributed to their positive impressions. The efficiency in problem-solving, honed through Vatel’s modules, became evident in my ability to navigate challenges effectively.

   Moreover, the professors played a pivotal role in my learning journey. Their use of personal experiences and examples made the content not only relatable but also clarified complex concepts. This teaching methodology fostered a conducive learning environment.

In essence, Vatel Bordeaux not only equipped me with industry-relevant knowledge but instilled problem-solving capabilities, a practical orientation, and a holistic understanding of the hospitality sector. As a result, my transition from academia to the industry was seamless, and my performance garnered recognition for its alignment with current industry demands and the efficiency instilled by Vatel’s well-crafted modules.

Have you found a job? If so, how did you manage to find employment in the hospitality-catering after leaving Vatel Bordeaux?

   Yes, I did find a job as I am currently associated with one of India’s biggest wineries in Soma Vine Village as a Junior Brand Ambassador (or Assistant Brand Ambassador).

After completion, the management team of Vatel Bordeaux has really helped me in getting the proper employment and internship opportunities I was looking for. I came back to India as I wanted the Indian wineries to grow and then go back to France and work with a French winery (especially in Bordeaux). So, the networks provided by the management team has really helped me to garner an internship with Resvera Winery and after it’s completion, I was asked by Soma to join them and help their growth in the Indian market and abroad which I gladly accepted and I am working with them.

I won’t deny I did face problems but my training and help provided from Vatel Bordeaux has helped me in tackling those problems and furthermore, continue with my employment.

What advice would you give to current students aspiring to a career in the hospitality and catering sector?

     The current industry is very fast-flowing. Nowadays, with the advent of technology in all the aspects of hospitality one also needs to be well versed with the current technology and instruments being used in the field. Nowadays, the growth prospect is fast as well. The individual also needs to keep on learning with hands on experience which shall come handy in personal growth as well. They also need to keep an open mind as not every person is same, but that comes with multiple interactions throughout the day, month and year.

Softwares are upgrading nowadays and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the customer experience shall be efficient and swift but the essence of human touch shall be in question. So, we need to innovate new ideas to beat AI so that nowhere in future we need AI to take care of our jobs. Innovation and creation should be something such that the person working in any department of the industry must have it with them and every day must be a fresh beginning and new in the field of hospitality. Patience and hard work do remain the key to success as well. They also need to ask questions to their seniors and professors as their expertise shall help them to understand some tricks and tips to overcome certain challenges and most importantly, they must observe. Keen observation and understanding do help in climbing the ladder to success.

Can you share a significant experience or challenge you have encountered in your career and how you overcame it?

     In my role in the hospitality sector, I’ve navigated a myriad of challenges. The dynamic nature of consumer preferences and technological advancements has created a demand for seamless, personalized experiences, putting pressure on businesses to invest in innovation. Ongoing labour shortages pose difficulties in recruiting and retaining skilled staff, impacting overall service quality. External factors like economic downturns and health crises, exemplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, disrupt travel patterns and occupancy rates. Sustainability concerns, emphasizing eco-friendly practices, add another layer of complexity, requiring establishments to adapt and implement environmentally conscious policies. Addressing these multifaceted challenges necessitates strategic planning, adaptability, and a dedication to staying ahead of industry trends.

Addressing challenges in hospitality demanded a holistic approach, involving the complexities of incorporating technology, employee training, and service diversification. I prioritized the development of crisis management plans, sustainability practices, and a customer-centric focus. Collaborating with other departments and external platforms, ensuring regulatory compliance, and practicing financial prudence were essential for resilience. Fostering adaptability and staying attuned to industry trends were also crucial in navigating complexities and delivering exceptional guest experiences.

How Vatel Bordeaux has helped you develop your professional network?

     Vatel Bordeaux played a pivotal role in fostering my professional network by offering a vibrant platform for networking. Engaging in industry-specific events, attending guest lectures, and collaborating with esteemed professionals allowed me to connect with peers, mentors, and leaders. The school’s commitment to practical experiences, internships, and alumni engagement facilitated meaningful connections. This enabled me to construct a robust professional network spanning hospitality and tourism. This network has been indispensable in shaping my career, providing ongoing support, and fostering continuous growth within the dynamic landscape of the hospitality and tourism sectors.

How Vatel Bordeaux has contributed to your personal and professional development?

     Vatel Bordeaux has profoundly shaped both my personal and professional growth through its immersive curriculum and hands-on experiences. The rigorous academic structure, coupled with real-world internships, honed my skills in hospitality and tourism. The multicultural environment exposed me to diverse perspectives, fostering adaptability. Engaging with industry professionals in seminars and events enriched my knowledge and expanded my professional network. The emphasis on leadership and communication skills equipped me with the tools necessary for effective collaboration. Overall, Vatel Bordeaux has been pivotal in instilling confidence, cultural awareness, and a comprehensive skill set, laying a strong foundation for my successful journey in the hospitality sector.

What skills do you think are essential to succeed in the hospitality and catering industry?

     Succeeding in the hospitality and catering industry necessitates a multifaceted skill set. Central to this is exemplary customer service, requiring a keen understanding of guest needs and the ability to create memorable experiences. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are paramount for effective collaboration within diverse teams and for building lasting relationships with clients. Adaptability is crucial given the industry’s dynamic nature, encompassing different cultures and unforeseen challenges. Leadership and organizational prowess are indispensable for managing teams and orchestrating seamless events. Sharp problem-solving skills are vital in navigating unexpected issues that may arise. Attention to detail ensures the delivery of high-quality services, and financial acumen is essential for budgeting and cost control. Furthermore, staying abreast of industry trends and embracing technological advancements ensures a professional remains relevant and competitive in this ever-evolving sector. Overall, the amalgamation of these skills forms a comprehensive toolkit for success in the dynamic and competitive landscape of the hospitality and catering industry.

Can you give any tips on how to find internships or job opportunities in the hospitality-catering industry?

     Certainly! To secure internships or job opportunities in the hospitality-catering industry, consider these tips. Firstly, leverage networking by attending industry events, career fairs, and connecting with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn. Networking provides insights, opens doors to opportunities, and builds valuable connections.

Secondly, explore internship programs offered by reputable hospitality organizations. Many companies have structured programs that offer hands-on experience and potential job placements. Additionally, utilize online job platforms and specialized hospitality job portals to browse and apply for positions.

Thirdly, tailor your resume to highlight relevant skills and experiences. Showcase any relevant coursework, certifications, or extracurricular activities related to the industry.

Fourthly, consider informational interviews with professionals in the field. This not only provides insights into the industry but also expands your network.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of a strong online presence. Maintain a professional and updated LinkedIn profile, engage in industry discussions, and follow companies of interest.

Remember, persistence is key. Apply to multiple positions, follow up on applications, and continue refining your skills. Utilizing a combination of networking, online platforms, tailored resumes, and a proactive approach will enhance your chances of securing internships or job opportunities in the dynamic field of hospitality and catering.