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Bérénice Bourreau, Content Marketing Manager at Vatel Bordeaux, talks about her work-study experience.

Picture of Bérénice Bourreau, work-study student at Vatel Bordeaux.

I’m Bérénice Bourreau, I am 22 years old, and I am a work-study student here at Vatel Bordeaux since October 2022 as a Content Marketing Manager in the Promotion & Communication department. At the same time, I am a Master 2 student in Communication & Digital Media Manager at Ynov.

What are your missions?

At Vatel Bordeaux, I am in charge of the production of content for social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube.

I am in charge of updating our page on Google My Business.

I also write articles on our website vatel-bordeaux.com in French and in English.

I redesigned the newsletter, which had not been published for 1 year, by modifying its design while respecting the graphic charter. I also send it to our students and parents as well as to teachers and administrative staff in French or English.

Every month, I am in charge of extracting statistics from all our social networks as well as competitive intelligence.

Why did you choose Vatel Bordeaux to do your work-study program?

I wanted to find a work-study contract in the line with my studies in Communication and Marketing. I have already had experiences in the restaurant industry and had heard about the Vatel Bordeaux school, so it seemed interesting to me to work for a reputable Hotel and Restaurant Management School.

What is your work-study rhythm?

I have a rhythm of 2/3 days in the company. I like this rhythm because it allows me to evolve as a work-study student. This rhythm requires you to be multi-skilled, to do many things at the same time and therefore to be organized but above all to anticipate for the following week what must be done.
Prioritizing tasks is crucial. It’s quite sporty to mix the company schedule and my school’s schedule but it allows me to get closer every day to a complete professional/ personal profile.

What do you like most about Vatel Bordeaux company?

What I prefer in my position, it is the contact with students that is essential to the production of content: whether it is to do written interviews or videos. In my opinion, my age is an asset to communicate with them more easily. I also like the international side of the school, which allows me to exchange in English and Spanish and to discover new cultures.

What did Vatel Bordeaux bring you?

It gave me rigour, organization, and anticipation, but above all self-confidence. My team trusted me on different projects and allowed me to flourish through the tasks entrusted to me and to bring my creativity on different levels.