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Every year, Vatel Bordeaux organizes its famous Year Naming Ceremony at the end of classes to celebrate the years spent with its students and spend a last moment together before the final exams and the departure for internships.

Year Naming Ceremony at Vatel Bordeaux

With the Year Naming Ceremony, Vatel Bordeaux has chosen to celebrate the moments shared together over the past few years rather than just saluting the diploma. Indeed, the Bordeaux school values more the human adventure during the program and aims to forge this link that will last long after graduation.

Each class is unique, and it is for this reason that each Year Naming Ceremony takes place in a different castle that is only revealed at the last moment to reserve more and more surprises for them. It is obvious in the Bordeaux region to baptize students in a castle and with wine. Thus, the class will bear the name of the castle in which the event took place.

How does a Year Naming Ceremony happen at Vatel Bordeaux?

  • A group photo upon arrival of students, professors and administrative teams
  • A visit to the vineyard followed by a tasting of the castle wines
  • The speech of the President and Founder of Vatel Bordeaux
  • The individual call of the students thanks to a description of each of them so that they recognize themselves
  • The speech of the domain host
  • The speech of a student volunteer
  • The cocktail
  • The present of a nectar from the castle to the students as a memory

The Year Naming Ceremony of the MBA International Wine & Spirits Management

On Thursday, February 22nd, the Year Naming Ceremony of the 5th year Wine & Spirits Management students took place at Château Léoville Poyferré, the second Classified Grand Cru in 1855 of Saint-Julien. The entire class was present for the occasion, about fifteen students. This is the 10th Wine class of Vatel Bordeaux and the 28th class of Vatel Bordeaux.

Upon arrival at the vineyard, a group photo of the students, professors and administration members was taken to enjoy the few rays of sunshine between two showers. Afterwards, all the guests were able to enjoy the presentation of the castle before going to visit the vineyard via the vat room and the cellars. Finally, the students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge of wine by tasting two vintages: a Château Moulin Riche from 2016 and a Château Léoville Poyferré from 2015.

It is Vatel Bordeaux’s turn to host the rest of the event with a speech by Mr. Glorieux, the school’s founder. Obviously, the values that Vatel Bordeaux stands for are evoked: sharing, family, attention to people, and a long-term vision. Mr. Glorieux also shares a “sense of accomplishment” with his students during this “family” moment.

After the general speech, it’s time for traditions when Mr. Glorieux calls each student one by one, describing him/her so that he/she can recognize himself/herself or be designated by his/her classmates. It is here that we see the support provided to the students and the cohesion between them resulting in a convivial and recognition moment.

At each Year Naming Ceremony, a student has the opportunity to volunteer in order to share his or her opinion and feelings on his or her academic career. As part of the final year MBA class with a specialization in Wines & Spirits, Margaux Poisson volunteered. In particular, she would like to thank the administrative teams of Vatel Bordeaux for their support and supervision throughout these years.

Finally, the event ends with a cocktail where all students can exchange with each other, with the professors and members of the Vatel Bordeaux teams. As the guests leave, each student receives a bottle of wine from the castle as a marker of this moment and the name of their class.

We wish the students of the MBA International Wine & Spirits Management the best of luck for their final exams and for the rest of their career!

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