What’s on?

Coming from Quito (Equator), Ana Paz Sanchez Aranciba is a first year Bachelor student at Vatel Bordeaux. She shares with us some guidelines to study at home without getting distracted.

How are you keeping up with your studies?

I attend my online classes and after them I immediately review the documents we received and do homework. I try to do it as soon as possible in case I have questions to send to my teachers. Also, I use a lot of time in reading my past lessons to prepare for my final exams.

What are your activities during the day?

I tried to keep my routine as normal as possible. So I wake up, get ready and eat something before attending my distance learning classes. When they are done, I cook lunch, do my homework and read a bit. When that is finished, and if I have some time I try to exercise inside of my house, after that I eat dinner and call my friends or family over Skype.

Do you have any tips for students learning remotely?

I recommend designing an specific area of your house only for studying. This are should always be tidy and organized, motivating you to go and sit focused to study. I also recommend muting your notifications from social media while you are in the online classes so you do not get distracted. Finally,I recommend having a studying schedule, where you can set certain amount of time to each subject depending on your needs.

Can you still interact easily with your teachers?

Teachers have been very helpful, they have been replying super quickly to our e-mails and some of them even gave us their phone numbers so we can contact them even easier. Also, they have been really understanding with people on different timezones by allowing them to send whatsapp messages if they are not available. During the video conferences, they try to reply all questions and make sure all of us are understanding despite the distance!

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Ana Paz Sanchez Aranciba (right of the picture)