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Tracey Dobbin currently teaches Vatel Bordeaux students how to prepare for the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) level 3, a trusted worldwide certification that paves the way for a solid career in wine industry. Tracey Dobbin was recently awarded the Master of Wine title in August 2020, the most-coveted and the highest one in the world of wine training.


Tracey Dobbin is Canadian born from an Italian mother, hence her wine education has been carefully nurtured, whereby most of her meals had a bottle nearby. In 2008-2009, she started her career in wine and became the director of ‘Autour du vin’ company. She mostly guides learners to prepare for the WSET 3 through group sessions and a mock exam. This is how 25 of our Wine & Spirits Management students obtained the WSET 3 in 2020. Below is an overview of their career prospects.

WSET 3 : A wine certification leading to a first professional experience in the wine industry

The certification WSET 3 or Wine & Spirits Education Trust, level 3, is the main pathway leading to a career in wine producing. It is recognized by all industry professionals, features a tasting test and facilitates access to professions such as sommellerie and oenology.

Wine growers and oenologists can sit for the WSET 3 certification exam but should nonetheless obtain a subject-specific undergraduate degree in wine growing to become practitioners. WSET is more adapted to individuals who work in sales or commerce, wine teaching, oeno-tourism or in the hotel industry.

Diploma in Wines (WSET level 4) : the doorway to a teacher position or to a manager position

The holder of a Diploma in Wines (WSET level 4) is entitled to teach other learners how to prepare for WSET level 3. This certification also opens the door for opportunities within renowned brands, according to each individual’s experience. For instance, Tracey Dobbin supplies Leclerc brand with her wine selection.

The Wine certification is also a pathway leading to many manager positions: Head of import-export operations in a big group, wine merchant…

Master of Wine: A title for the elite of the wine industry

Created in 1953, the Master of Wine is today the most globally recognized title amongst the degrees awarded in wine training. For the 2018-2019 academic year, 359 candidates tried their luck, and only 16 candidates were accepted. Amongst these lucky few, French Édouard Baijot from Reims gained the title after years of tireless efforts, precisely since 2012. As such, obtaining this coveted certification is the result of years of hard work.

Today, he is in charge of selling wines of small producers in Europe for E.&J. Gallo Winery, the most prominent wine producer in the world.

Up until September 2019 and since 1953, the Master of Wine laureates account for 393, amongst which 9 are French.
Tracey Dobbin started her Master of Wine in 2012. She awarded the title of Master of Wine on August 28th,Tracey eventually joins the very exclusive top 406 Masters of Wine.

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