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On November 9, Vatel Bordeaux is launching a team-building exercise dedicated to 1st-year MBA students. A closer look at this new tool’s concept, objectives and expectations with its three mentors, Lucile Moreau, Yannick Garat and Charles Werner.

New! Vatel Bordeaux is holding a team-building exercise, specifically for students in their first year of the International Hotel Management MBA.

But what, exactly, does team-building involve? It is a session with games (like an escape game) designed to strengthen team cohesion and motivation within a company.

Lucile Moreau (Assistant to the Head of Studies Department and Foundation Year/MBA Adviser), Yannick Garat (Management Control Guest Lecturer) and Charles Werner (Marketing Strategy Guest Lecturer) introduce the new concept to us here.

Team-building objectives for the students: Raised awareness, motivation and assertiveness

Lucile Moreau, the impetus behind the tool, explains the concept and the stakes:

‘This is a corporate game. The students will be divided into groups. During the three days of the competition, they will have to make decisions that will affect their results. The latest rankings will be provided to the students at the start of each day. As for the stakes, there are many. Our goal is to achieve the following, in a fun way:

– Raise their awareness of the subjects (like management, finance and marketing) that they will encounter throughout their time at Vatel Bordeaux

– Give them a different experience of people management and entrepreneurship

– Encourage dialogue and unity between the students – especially between French and English speakers – through teamwork

– Awaken their competitive spirit and motivate them with frequent rewards offered throughout the game

– Help the students learn about and assert themselves.’

Team-building: Applying a different teaching style than in class and demonstrating the importance and accessibility of management and marketing within a company

Yannick Garat, the head of CGF Finances, tells us about his goal for this team exercise: ‘Give them hands-on experience with financial and people management tools. Use a concrete case study to show that finance and management issues affect all of a hotel’s or restaurant’s services and departments: Accommodation, Reception, Food & Beverage, Human Resources and Marketing.’

As for Charles Werner, digital communications specialist, he wants to:

– “Raise the participants’ awareness of the importance of social media for companies by using Instagram during the team-building exercise

– Remind them of the usefulness of vast array of digital marketing tools and guide their handling of them

– Be the preferred point of contact for the English-speaking students.”

He hopes the students ‘will be creative and will not put any limitations on their ideas. The journey is more important than the results’ adds the Communications Manager at Climate42. Yannick Garat echoes his thoughts: ‘You have to be daring.’

Follow the action behind the scenes for the launch of this first team-building exercise on our Instagram page.

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