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We offer you a top 5 list of hotel openings in 2022. A change of scenery and thrills guaranteed.

Maison Heler (Metz – France)

Once again, it’s not the norm. We are not talking about the City of Light or the French Riviera, but about the capital of Lorraine. What is so special about the Maison Heler? A reproduction of a 19th century villa atop a 14-storey building.
According to Philippe Starck, who is in charge of the hotel’s interior design, “this project is an extraordinary phantasmagoria. It is a play on uprooted roots. A symbolic construction of Lorraine” The new showcase offers 119 rooms and a breathtaking panoramic view of the Petit Paris of the East.

©Maison Heler

Le Jardin d’Eden, Abidjan  – Ivory Coast

Built on an artificial island in the Ebrié Lagoon in Abidjan, Le Jardin d’Eden by Maison Albar Hotels is sure to make an impression.
Indeed, Akwaba Island was born thanks to the use and recycling of 700,000 plastic waste. The French hotel group Centaurus, owner of Maison Albar Hotels, describes the project as “futuristic” and an “architectural feat”.

Aman, New York – USA

1.3 billion dollars! That’s how much the owner of Aman has invested in his hotel and residential project in the heart of the Big Apple. According to the Wall Street Journal.
The Crown Building is home to this extraordinary hotel. It includes 83 rooms and suites, 3 restaurants, a 2,300 square metre spa and even a jazz club. Overlooking Central Park, it offers a majestic view of the Manhattan skyline.

© Aman, New-York

Hoshino Resorts Kai Poroto, Japan (opening january 14, 2022)

Hokkaido Island is home to a new establishment on Lake Poroto: a modern ryokan.
A ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn that looks like this: “Tatami mats on the floor, paper partitions, traditional woodwork. No beds or mattresses but futons.
With its architecture and traditional motifs, Hoshino Resorts Kai Poroto is fully in keeping with its local environment.

© Hoshino Resorts

Sommerro House, Oslo- Norway (opening september 2022)

The former headquarters of the local electricity company houses 231 rooms & suites, allowing a journey to the land of Per Krohg. The works of this Norwegian painter are displayed throughout the hotel.
Chef Frida Ronge runs the gastronomic Restaurant Tak. She follows the same concept as in Stockholm. She magnifies a mix of Nordic and Japanese cuisine, with sushi as the star attraction.

© Sommerro House

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