What’s on?

“Could you introduce yourself?”

“I’m Marc Delalet, I’m 31 years old and I’m the head waiter at Le Caméléon and I’ve been living in Bordeaux for 10 years now.”

“What’s your background?”

“I started in catering as an apprentice in Limoges for 1 year, then I moved to Bordeaux. I worked for 7 years at the Brasserie de la Gare Bordeaux Saint-Jean: 2 years as a waiter and 3 years as Manager. I then did 1 year of service at the Saint George, place Camille Julian.”

“Can you tell me more about Le Caméléon?”

“Le Caméléon opened in 2021, based on a project by Chloé Cassagne, Head of Student Affairs, which was taken over by Vatel Bordeaux. It’s a bar-restaurant open from Monday to Friday.”

“What are your duties at Le Caméléon?”

“My job is to open the bar-restaurant, prepare the service, check that the service is going well, serve the customers, cash them in, make an inventory of beverages, place orders, close and maintain the premises.”

“What is the link between Le Caméléon and Vatel Bordeaux?”

“The premises, where Le Caméléon is located, were abandoned years ago. Some of our offices are above this space, which is also connected to the patio of our restaurant Les Tables Vatel. Mr Glorieux wanted this space for years and one day seized the opportunity. The question then arose of what we were going to do with it.

Chloé Cassagne was there when the project was launched. She had created a business as part of her third year of bachelor at Vatel Bordeaux. Her project was to open a restaurant for Vatel Bordeaux students, based on student training. The goal was to create a differential, easy-to-do bruschetta offer for students. There was a whole concept behind her business creation. Mr Glorieux joined her project and took up some of her ideas from her submission, which led to the opening of Le Caméléon!”

“What do the students in practice at Le Caméléon bring you and what does it bring to them too?”

“I have a trained workforce to help me. Students can thus acquire the basics of catering and classic brewery service that we can find anywhere.”

“What kind of profiles do you receive?”

“Usually, I get first and second years. The third years are looking more for large structures or “starred” hotels.”

“Can you recall the rhythm of the practices?”

“Every two weeks!”

“Finally, what does Le Caméléon have in store for us as a surprise for the start of the school year?”

“The Rugby World Cup will be rebroadcast on big screen. All games will be rebroadcast with promotional rates on beer and food.”

“Thank you, Marc!”