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As part of a Human Resources project, 7 students in the 2nd year of the MBA International Hotel Manager testify on their experience.

The management committee of a hotel group in deficit and in difficulty in its human resources management must choose between two consulting firms competing, according to their service. This is the challenge faced by the 2nd year MBA International Hotel Manager students.

Among them, Yassine El Amine, Issam Soussi, Alexis Torkington and Kamil Filali, management committee (CODIR). The objective: Develop the performance of a hotel by improving its human capital. By this, we should understand actions to strengthen good relations between management and employees, in order to retain them.

On the other hand, Agathe Emeriau, Maeva Peninou and Marianne Dejean represent a Human Resources consulting firm (DESTRA CONSEIL).

All this under the watchful and wise eye of Mr. Lionel Jean, who has nearly 30 years of experience in H.R.


Human resources: Well-defined role

Free to choose, students from both groups assign themselves specific roles and assignments.

“I guided the various division directors in order to achieve our objectives as the group’s CEO. During the process, I had to justify each strategic decision made by the company” Yassine El Amine says.

“I played the role of Director of Operations, I had to put in place operational strategies while optimizing turnover within the hotel group as well as quality within the establishments” Issam Soussi affirms.

“I was the communications and marketing manager, my role was to promote the company and put in place marketing strategies to improve human capital” Alexis Torkington explains.

“I played the Administrative and Financial Director, my role was to take a critical look at financial analysis,” Kamil Filali recounts.

The CAUDIRE group sets up a hierarchy to effectively achieve the objective of the module. Each department director, specializing in his field, takes a critical look at the services of the various firms.

“For us, the challenge has been to make decisions that impact the business in the short and long term as a professional. » Yassine explains.

For DESTRA CONSEIL, which must present Human Resources solutions and services to another CODIR, the challenge is all the more important from the point of view of consulting firms.

“During the presentation of the problematic of the module, our teacher gave us a free rein on the organization of our firm, it seemed relevant to us, to answer this problem, to make use of these positions in order to convince as much as possible the targeted company. » Agathe Emeriau, the project manager, specifies

Indeed, DESTRA Conseil bases its strategy on organization, environmental issues and training to meet the demands of CODIR. The pragmatic advice from their teacher helps the group to flourish during the exercise.

“Knowing how to speak in gross or net income during meetings, how to bounce back on issues in the event of a problem? On the formatting, our teacher, Mr. Lionel Jean, gave us a lot of advice and that’s what impressed me the most professionally.” Marianne confesses.


A pedagogy fueled by 30 years of HR expertis

Immersed in Human Resources since 1993, Lionel Jean has been able to provide a lot of advice and areas for improvement to our future directors.

“Our teacher was the general mentor of the project. He accompanied us throughout the process, reminded us of the human resources management tools, corrected us when necessary and gave areas for improvement for our future career. “ Issam emphasizes.

“Being himself a Human Resources consultant in his office, he gave us really concrete advice, and has been a teacher and a professional who was really there for his students. He gave us know-how on the exchange between professionals. When a subject is not mastered, knowing how to bounce back on a theme is essential! », Maeva testifies.


Lionel Jean adopts an active pedagogy during this module, analyzing the students of Vatel Bordeaux.

“Thanks to this simulation, we were able to make concrete use of the theoretical tools provided during our course by our teacher Mr. Lionel Jean. We were also inspired by our past professional experiences (internships and practices) where we were in contact with the same administrative procedures for the exercise (protocol meetings, management committee, etc.) “, Alexis explains.

This exercise teaches our students to set up reflexes intuitively that will be of practical use to them in the future.

At the end of this experience, they were able to understand the challenges of a meeting between a management committee and a Human Resources consulting firm:

– Get to the point

– Do not lose sight of your goals

– Take pleasure in leading meetings

– Seize opportunities to be able to “sell yourself”

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