What’s on?

  • Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Passionate about team dynamics and the entrepreneurial adventure, I chose a professional path alternating responsibilities of HRD in service and industrial companies (including hotels and restaurants) with experiences of consultant and coach in business transformation. organizations and teams.

  • As an expert, what is your definition of Human Resources?

Expert no, but experienced, perhaps! According to me, HRM is not a discipline that holds universal truths that are valid for all times.

Its purpose is to strengthen the needs of the organization so that the strategy can be realized. The evolution of the environment requires designing an adaptable, tailor-made, flexible, innovative, reliable HRM that respects legal constraints.

It is essential that each HRD have their own convictions, their own vision of the function in order to merge it with that of the company. It is a very complex job, but highly fascinating and useful for our society.

  • Can you tell us about your “experiential pedagogy” approach that you apply at Vatel Bordeaux? Particularly within the HR Management module?

The objective is to mix content inputs with student experiences in order to promote interactivity and reflection within working groups and then practical scenarios around cases. Ultimately, it is also in the relationship that ideas turn into action.

It is important that the students bring out the RH leadership that remains in themselves!

  • Finally, what are, according to you, the 5 major HR trends for 2022?

Difficult to target 5 trends but I believe that the difficulty will be that of reconciling:

– Give meaning & trust to gain efficiency

– Autonomy & constant questioning

– Innovation to surprise & use everyone’s available time

– Purchasing power & standard of living

– Sense of belonging & co-responsibility through commitment

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